Reasons You Need Dental Implants Treatment

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Do you have dentures but are tired of dealing with sticky adhesives and slipping dentures? Do you have a fractured or severely cracked tooth that is causing you pain? Maybe you're thinking about getting tooth implants in Sydney and want to know if they'll fix all of your concerns at once? We've uncovered key indicators that you could need dental implants.

You have a tooth that is severely cracked

A dental crown may be the best option for restoring a cracked or fractured tooth. Whereas dentists aim to salvage as much natural tooth structure as possible, if the tooth is damaged beyond repair, a tooth extraction and a dental implants Sydney to replace the affected tooth may be the best alternative. You can rest confident that if an implant is required, it will appear and operate just like your natural teeth.

One or more of your natural teeth are missing

Missing teeth can leave gaps in your grin, making you self-conscious about smiling, talking, or eating in public. A dental implant will not only fill up the gap left by your missing tooth, but it will also appear and feel like your natural teeth.

You either have loose-fitting partials or a denture that is loose-fitting

Dealing with loose-fitting dentures or partials on a daily basis can be aggravating. Implants are a great option to partials and dentures. You won't have to worry about your dentures growing loose throughout the day or feeling self-conscious about them falling out in public while chatting or eating if you have an implant.

Bone loss is beginning to affect you (in the jaw area)

Dental implants can actually help to keep your jawbone from deteriorating. This is due to the titanium or zirconium implant screw, which is surgically implanted in the jawbone socket and serves as a prosthetic tooth root. These materials form a natural relationship with the bone tissue, known as osseointegration, which allows the implant roots to drive jaw bone growth in the same way as natural tooth roots do, reducing the risk of bone deterioration over time. The tooth implants cost Sydney are affordable now!

Your facial appearance has a sunken-in look to it

Have you ever noticed how some denture wearers have a sunken-in or caved-in appearance on a regular basis? Unfortunately, due to bone loss as you get older, this is a common concern for individuals who wear dentures. Dentures do not encourage new bone formation like implants do, thus the bone continues to degenerate over time, giving the impression of sunken-in, caved-in teeth. Dental implants address this issue by promoting bone formation in the jaw area surrounding the implant.

A tooth that cannot be saved

A badly decaying or infected tooth may not be able to be saved or repaired. After a comprehensive examination, your dentist will be able to make this decision. If the affected tooth cannot be repaired or fixed, it may need to be removed. In this scenario, a dental implant may be the ideal alternative for replacement because they appear, feel, and function similarly to real teeth.

The author of this article is an experienced dentist offering affordable tooth implants in Sydney. In this article, he has mentioned a few signs you need dental implants treatment. Visit

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