What are probiotics and how are they essential to the human body?

by NANCY SMITH on Mar 13, 2019 Health and Fitness 263 Views

The body requires several nutrients for it to function correctly. However, these nutrient-rich foods need to be broken down to make the nutrients accessible to the body. The food needs to be appropriately digested for the holistic well-being of the body. There are several such live bacteria and yeast that are ‘good' and have been associated with various beneficial effects to the body. These good bacteria and yeast are called probiotics. Probiotics are often called the ‘helpful’ or ‘good’ bacteria because of its benefits to the gut health.

Probiotics are often sold in the form of supplements in the form of capsules, tablets or powders like the ultimate flora critical care which is also available in now Canada from domains like vitasave. One can also find probiotic properties in certain organic foods like yogurt. Out of the various health benefits of probiotic, a few are mentioned below:


  • There have been several studies that have shown results of weight loss and reduced belly fat from the use of probiotics. Probiotics provide a better digestive system which further promotes a better metabolism.


  • Probiotics are also responsible for boosting and strengthening the immune system of the body and protects it against infections.



  • Several symptoms of bowel disorder like IBS and ulcerative colitis have been reduced with the help of probiotics.


  • Probiotics also benefit heart health because not only does it help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and prevent its adverse effects but also lowers and maintains blood pressure levels.


  • There have been various studies which have research that shows the beneficial effects of probiotics on the symptoms of mental health disorders such as anxiety, stress and memory, depression, among others.


  • Probiotics are live microorganisms which when consumed in adequate amounts can help maintain a natural balance of the gut bacteria, which has further benefits to the body.

Probiotics are known to go into the system and increase the number of ‘good' bacteria in the digestive system and the gut.  This further improves efficiency in the body's food digestion and gut health. However, some probiotics can be damaged by the stomach acid even before they reach the gut. This can lead to a reduced number of helpful bacteria and hinder flawless digestion. To avoid these and several other problems, doctors advise people suffering from digestive issues to use a probiotic product.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/1668-What-are-probiotics-and-how-are-they-essential-to-the-human-body.html


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