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Molars are the flat teeth that are situated at the back of the mouth. These teeth vary in shape and size however are the largest in the mouth. Molars are used to grind food into smaller pieces for swallowing whereas, the smaller front teeth are used for biting and tearing food. The molars are designed in such a way they sustain good amount of force from grinding, clenching and chewing food. Each molar is anchored firmly to the jawbone with two to four roots. 

What are the different types of molars we have? 

There are three different types of molars which come in after we lose our baby teeth. 

- First molars 

- Second molars 

- Third molars or the wisdom teeth 

Why do humans have wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom teeth were vestiges from the evolutionary past when human beings had a larger mouth accommodating these additional teeth. These extra set of teeth help in cutting especially hard foods like nuts, roots and tough meats. 

These types of diets were tough on teeth and hence help our ancestors whose teeth were subject to significant loss due to tooth decay. In the current era, our foods are for soft, and we follow good dental care routine. But we still get those extra teeth late in our teens. However, due to different reasons, we undergo cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. 

What are the problems with wisdom teeth? 

Evolution has made some adjustments to our jawbone size throughout our history. The jaws of modern human beings are smaller when compared to their ancestors. This presents a range of problems when wisdom teeth try to erupt in. 

When wisdom teeth develop, often they become blocked by other teeth, and hence they grow under the jaw referred to as being impacted. If the wisdom tooth erupts partially, it tends to create hard to reach area where bacteria can accumulate resulting in severe infections of the surrounding tissues and gums. When wisdom teeth remain fully impacted under the gum line, they may form cyst or tumour that can damage the jawbone and teeth if left unaddressed. 

Hence most people undergo wisdom teeth removal to prevent themselves from the potential problems which may arise. 

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost? 

Cost of wisdom teeth removal is highly affordable. The cost you will pay for your surgery completely depends on your specific case, your jaw bone density, age, number of teeth removed. 

It is recommended that wisdom teeth surgery is performed during young age even before the roots develop completely for easy removal and fast recovery. 

The author is a dentist. With a team of professionals, he has a unique approach to ensure a safe and painless approach to dental surgeries. He offers affordable wisdom teeth removal cost. Visit for details.

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