What are the Facelift Complications and Safety?

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With ageing, the skin and tissues lose elasticity leading to sagging. In such instances, facelift surgery can be extremely helpful in tightening the facial tissues and maintaining that younger-looking skin. The facelift process involves the removal of excess skin for smoothing out wrinkles and folds. The people who want to improve their appearance get the facelift done. It is such a common process now that when you search for a facelift in Toronto, you can find a number of centres and professionals who are dedicated to providing quality services. But one must know certain things before making the big decision of going under the knife to enhance the beauty. Having a clear idea about the complications and their prevention is the key to staying safe and making the right decision. If you are planning to get a facelift in Toronto, then make sure you check out the guide first, as it will help you get a better idea about certain details.


Risks of facelift

The decision of going under the knife is extremely personal. You must compare the risks and benefits of facelift surgery and only make the decision. Before the process, you will be asked to sign a consent form that will ensure that you properly understand the process and the associated complications of the process, which includes.

•          Bleeding

•          Fluid accumulation

•          Anesthesia risks

•          Deep vein thrombosis

•          Infection

•          Pulmonary and cardiac complication

•          Persistent pain

•          Facial nerve injury

•          Skin discoloration or irregularity

•          Numbness

•          Prolong swelling

•          Unfavorable scarring

•          Poor wound healing

•          Temporary or permanent hair loss

Although the associated risk will be discussed with the patient before they sign the consent form, it is essential to understand that you ask all the questions you have in mind directly with the plastic surgeon to decide the best for yourself.


What to expect after a facelift?

When you choose to go for a facelift in Toronto, you must have a clear idea about the process. The facelift varies depending upon the results you want. Traditionally, an incision will be made near the hairline which goes down to the ear lobe and then to the lower scalp. The process is carried forward with an aim to eradicate excess skin and fat. Further, the connective tissues and muscles are tightened. When there is minimal sagging, a minor facelift procedure will be performed, which will involve a shorter incision. The incision used during the process is dissolvable. Further, you need to visit the surgeon to get the stitches removed. But the incisions are made in a way that they can easily blend with the facial structure and hairline.

Similarly, during the neck lift, excess skin and fat from the neck are removed to make it free from any wrinkles or sagging issues. Generally, the surgeon will advise the use of a surgical drainage tube after the surgery and bandages to wrap the face until the area is healed properly.

Further doctor will advise pain medications that will help with discomfort. Also, they will advise about the dressings and follow-up appointments. When you face any trouble, it is vital to contact a doctor immediately and help them understand the concern. You will need at least two weeks to recover. Remember, even when you visit the most reliable clinic for a facelift in Toronto, you cannot expect to get the desired results from one surgery. Sometimes multiple surgeries are necessary to achieve the final goal.


Safety measures after the facelift.

When you decide to go for a facelift in Toronto, you need to be extra careful to understand things in detail. With the proper idea, you will move ahead in the right direction and expect to get positive results. Some of the safety measures that you must keep in mind include.

•          Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon for the facelift in Toronto. You must ensure that the expert has the experience, proper education and certification.

•          With the surgery, there are certain possible risks associated with infection, Anastasia risk etc. You need to talk with your doctor about the benefits and the risk of the surgery to make the right decisions.

•          Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the doctor after the surgery. It will help improve the recovery time.


Visit a good professional

If you consider going for a facelift in Toronto, you can consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Cory Torgerson. He is a board-certified and highly experienced professional who can handle the process with efficiency and deliver good results. The expert will maintain complete transparency and help understand the process. He is here to help you get that younger-looking skin without much hassle.

Contact us to know more.

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