What Happens if You Never Get Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?

by Charlie Wellish on May 7, 2019 Health and Fitness 172 Views


While it is not necessary to pull out all your wisdom teeth, it can lead to several oral problems if it is not extracted. Do you know a young woman from Gold Coast is lucky to be alive after a wisdom tooth infection that blocked her airway and put her in a coma? After several tests, doctors discovered that she had been suffering from a rare oral infection called Ludwig’s Angina for months. The infection is spread from a wisdom tooth as it was unnoticed. This shocking incident justifies the necessity of wisdom teeth removal. However, this kind of infection is rare and here are a few reasons why you can’t have your wisdom teeth.


As we don’t have enough space in our mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow properly, when they erupt, overcrowding can occur. Teeth begin to gradually shift and overlap each other which undo your orthodontic work if you have done it before to straighten your teeth. If wisdom teeth price is the only reason you are delaying the procedure, consider the investment you have made on orthodontic work and pull them out as early as possible.

Impacted wisdom teeth

When a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough space on the jawline, they get trapped under the gum tissue and become trapped. If an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed it can be painful and prone to infection and abscess. It can also lead to tooth decay and resorption of healthy teeth.

Tooth decay

Even if wisdom tooth erupts, their position can make the teeth harder to brush and floss. If you have not removed your wisdom teeth, they need to be monitored as they are subject to decay and cause problems to the rest of your teeth. Moreover, the impacted wisdom teeth price can be higher than extracting the one which is present above the gum surface.

Gum disease

A partially erupted wisdom tooth can increase the risk of developing an inflammatory condition called pericoronitis. Gum disease is one of the significant causes of the loss of a tooth.


The wisdom teeth develop a sac within the jawbone, and the sac is filled with fluid forming a cyst which can damage the teeth, jawbone, and nerves. This complication of wisdom teeth cost is high and requires the removal of bone and tissue.

Hope now you know what can happen if you have your wisdom teeth. Consult your dentist and pull them out as early as possible.

The author is a blogger and a dentist who provides information on various dental procedures like dental implants, braces, and wisdom teeth removal cost in his blog posts. Visit https://www.dentistscost.com.au/ for more details.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/2241-What-Happens-if-You-Never-Get-Your-Wisdom-Teeth-Pulled-Out.html


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