Don't Be Penny Wise And Pound Foolish - Why You Shouldn't Choose A General Dentist To Place Your Den

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Dental implants are usually associated with being expensive, which can make some people reluctant to go through with the procedure, even if they need it. While the cost of having dental implants Sydney placed by a general dentist may be seems like more affordable than the cost of undergoing the same procedure by a dental implant dentist, you shouldn't overlook other factors in order to save money. In fact, having dental implant at specialises dentist will save your money long run. If you don't research enough before choosing an implant placement dentist, you could end up saving on the procedure only to find yourself in worse shape in the long run due to less qualified care and craftsmanship.

Quick Fixes Are Usually Long Term Problems

When it comes to dentistry, things aren't always as they seem. Any dental professional can (and will) recommend dental crowns, dental bridges or full mouth restorations; but not every expert has experience placing dental implants - that is unless they have done additional training in order to gain these skills. The quick dental implant done by the general dentist usually comes with long term problems. Remember, slow but steady wins the race!

Implants Are Complicated Procedures

Not all dentists can handle dental implant procedures, however. Dental specialists are skilled at placing teeth and dealing with complications that might arise as a result of replacing old teeth with artificial ones. Also, the dental implants price Sydney will be affordable in long run. If you have dental implants placed by a general practitioner, chances are it will end up costing more time, money, and effort in correcting problems that arise later.

Implants Require Proper Diagnosis

A general dentist may seem like an affordable solution to tooth loss, but they aren't trained in dental implant placement, which is significantly more complicated than simple dentistry procedures such as root canals or crowns. They also may not have access to 3D imaging technology that's used for diagnosis.

Implants Can Be Risky If Done By an Inexperienced Dentist

Poorly done dental implants can have serious consequences for your health, including infection, osteolysis (when bone loss occurs around an implant), peri-implantitis (inflammation of tissue around an implant), exposure of root surfaces, bone grafting and extraction. All of these problems are rare when performed by experienced dentist.

An Experienced Specialist Knows How to Work With All Kinds of Bone

Not all dentist can place dental implants, so make sure you don't settle for an inexperienced dentist who just places dental crowns or bridges, or who has not been trained how to connect teeth with dental implants. Knowing how to work with bone is crucial when placing dental implants that look and feel natural; also, they will last decades longer. So, book an appointment with an experienced specialist who knows how to work with all kinds of bone.

Dental Implants Cost More When Performed By an Inexperienced Dentist

The dental implants cost Sydney with one of the highly experienced dentist can significantly reduce dental implant cost while improving results, when compared to procedures performed by a general dentist with limited experience in dental implant procedure.

You don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish, so why choose a general dentist to place your dental implants? There are many advantages to working with an Implant Specialist to get the job done. Implant Specialists have done hundreds of dental implant procedures and their success rate is much higher than general dentists. The quality of the end result will be better and you'll feel more at ease going into the procedure. Be sure to do your research and ask questions before making your decision on who will perform your dental implant procedure!

The author of this article is an experience dentist expert in dental implants Sydney. In this article, he discusses the reasons why you shouldn't choose a general dentist to place your dental implants. For more details, visit

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