Physiotherapy - The Best Treatment for a Slipped Disc

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A slipped disc can be a painful condition, and in most cases, it should get better with rest, gentle exercise, and medication. The herniated disc occur when the cushion-like cartilage between the bones of the spine is torn, and the core of the disc leaks. It can be caused due to a sudden trauma or long-term pressure on the spine. Participating in weight-bearing sports, obesity, repeated lifting, and poor postures are the risk factors for a herniated disc. 

However, the majority of the herniated discs do not require surgery and responds well to Perth physiotherapy. Yes, physiotherapy has been found to reduce pain and enhance mobility in people with a slipped disc. 

Signs and Symptoms 

A slipped disc may cause no pain at all, or it can cause any of the following symptoms 

- Weakness in arms and legs 

- Difficulty getting up from a chair 

- Inability to remain in the same position for a long period 

- Pain that is worse in the morning 

- Intense pain in the neck, low back, arms and legs 

If you experience any of these, it is essential to get it checked with a physiotherapist. 

How does Perth Physiotherapy Help? 

You have to consult a physiotherapist to ensure your back is in grave danger. The physiotherapist will check your medical history and examine you to determine if you are fit to commence mild exercises. The physiotherapist will design individualised treatment programs to help people with slipped disc regain normal movement, reduce pain, and get back to their regular routine. The physical therapist will perform various tests on your body to detect physical problems including: 

- Joint fitness 

- Loss of reflexes 

- Poor posture 

- Difficulty walking 

- Tightness or weakness in the muscles 

- Numbness in certain areas 

- Difficulty moving 

If any of these problems are found, Physiotherapy Perth treatment may begin right away to help you get you on the road to recovery and back to your regular activities as early as possible. In all most all the cases, conservative care produces better results in treating a slipped disc than surgery and pain medications. A specific program will be designed that will help speed the recovery, including exercises and treatments that can be done at your home. The physiotherapist will work with you to 

- Reduce pain and other symptoms 

- Improve posture 

- Improve flexibility 

- Improve motion 

- Improve strength 

- Return to normal activities 

To prevent experiencing a slipped disc you should use proper body mechanics when lifting, pulling, pushing, maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking, and keep your muscle strong and flexible. 

The author is an experienced physiotherapist in Perth. In this article, he has explained how physiotherapy can help deal with the slipped disc. For more details about sports massage Perth, visit now.

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