Is Remedial Massage Effective?

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Researches show that remedial massage is effective in treating and preventing chronic illness. In fact, remedial massage is more than a massage that acts as a natural pain killer and immune booster. The remedial massage sessions help to alleviate chronic pain, heal from injuries, and relieve arthritis symptoms. 

What is remedial massage? 

Remedial massage is also called medical massage or sports massage. It is performed by a qualified remedial massage therapist. 

Remedial massage is a type of massage therapy that helps to manage a health condition. In order to treat and identify chronic pain, the original cause must be identified and treated. Additionally, the nerves system’s response to the pain should also be treated. This is what exactly remedial massage Perth therapy does. Yes, remedial massage therapy holistically treats the whole body by tracing the cause of the pain and healing both the cause of the condition and the symptoms. 

Although a wide range of techniques is used for remedial massage, the therapist will design and implement the appropriate techniques to treat your condition. 

What conditions can be treated through remedial massage? 

The deep tissue massage in Perth is effective in treating a wide range of health conditions and ailments, including 

- Groin strain 
- Tennis elbow 
- Frozen shoulder 
- Arthritis 
- Neck injuries 
- Headaches 
- Shin splints 
- Chronic back pain 
- Sciatica 
- Stress 
- Muscular spasms 
- Muscle cramps 
- High blood pressure 
- Prenatal care 
- Respiratory disease 
- Carpal tunnel syndrome 

What are the benefits of remedial massage? 

Alleviating muscle tension and pain 

Remedial massage techniques are an excellent way of releasing trigger points, stretching, and elongating muscles. The therapist will follow on areas that are frozen, injured, plain sore. By releasing the tension and increasing the blood flow to the tissues, it helps to ease the pain, flesh out toxins, and oxygenate the cells. 

Boost immunity 

By decreasing the stress hormones, the immune system work more efficiently. Besides, this massage technique increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic damage, which boosts the immune system. 

Reduce stress 

One of the most significant effects of deep tissue massage in Perth is the greater feeling of calm and relaxation. It helps to reduce both emotional and physical stress. That is why it is often recommended in stress and anxiety treatment programs. The soothing techniques of this type of massage helps to release endorphins, which makes us feel better. Conversely, stress-inducing hormones such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol are reduced. 

If you haven’t experienced a quality remedial massage, communicate with your massage therapist and schedule one today. 

The author is an experienced massage therapist who provides deep tissue massage, remedial massage, and pregnancy massage in Perth to treat various health conditions. Visit for more details.

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