Myths and Facts about Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth may sound mystical, but all they are is the third set of molars. They are the last set of molars to grow in, usually showing up between the ages of 17 and 25. Chances are you associate them with extraction, since cheap wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne is a common dental surgical procedure that many teens and young adults undergo. Here we have discussed about a few myths and facts about wisdom teeth removal. 

Myth #1: If wisdom teeth are not removed, they will become impacted or cause crowding. This is why many people require orthodontic treatment. 

Fact: While wisdom teeth can be a factor in crowding, some people have no issues with these teeth. For them, they grow into proper position and are healthy teeth. 

Myth #2: Through dental x-rays and routine check-ups, dentists can predict the timing and way in which wisdom teeth become visible. 

Fact: Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict the way wisdom teeth will erupt. 

Myth #3: Everyone has wisdom teeth. 

Fact: Surprisingly not everyone actually has wisdom teeth. In fact, some people have them beneath the gums that never erupt. Some people have one or two and some people don’t have any at all. All of these scenarios are perfectly acceptable unless you have symptoms indicating something is wrong. 

Myth #4: All people who have wisdom teeth have to have them extracted. 

Fact: Not essentially. For some the fully erupted wisdom tooth may not cause any problem or impaction at all. In such a scenario, wisdom teeth removal is not recommended. They can happily coexist along with the other teeth. Only when they are partially erupted or totally not erupting from inside, the extraction of wisdom tooth becomes mandatory. 

Myth #5: Smoking and drinking don’t really cause harm following extractions. 

Fact: You will be told you cannot smoke or drink alcohol following the procedure. Many people believe this is just a precaution mentioned by dentists. However, if you smoke or drink alcohol following extractions you are opening yourself up for a whole world of hurt. Following the wisdom teeth removal it is important that the clots that form at the site of the extractions stay intact. If they are not allowed to heal properly and become dislodged you will form a very painful infection called dry sockets. Smoking and drinking alcohol raise the chances of you getting dry sockets. 

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