Signs That Indicate Your Wisdom Teeth Growing In

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A wisdom tooth generally erupts at any time after 18 years of age, and if they are developed in the right position you are lucky. But when they do not emerge correctly, they become impacted or infected and cause pain that leads to extraction. An impacted wisdom tooth causes all sorts of dental problems. This is one of the significant reasons why most of the dental professionals suggest wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. Being able to identify the impacted wisdom teeth is crucial so that you can get them out before they cause trouble to the teeth structure.

How to tell if you have wisdom teeth coming in?

While for some the emergence of third molars can be painful, for others it may not and it doesn’t show any sign at all. So, here are a few signs that indicate the growth of wisdom teeth.

Swelling and pain

If there is swelling and you experience throbbing pain at the back of your mouth that is accompanied by discomfort, then it is a sign that your wisdom teeth are emerging in. If you catch the growth of wisdom teeth at this age, you have to visit the dentist for an evaluation. The dentist will examine and determine whether wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is necessary or not. If you need to remove your wisdom teeth but are hesitant due to the wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne or dental fear, speak with your dentist. The dental professionals will let you know your options and help you overcome dental anxiety.


When a wisdom tooth erupts partially, it can be difficult to clean them and food particles can be trapped which causes infection. You would be brushing and flossing your teeth but still may experience the symptom. The infection caused by this condition is called pericoronitis, and it is one of the primary signs that indicate wisdom teeth extraction is necessary.


You may be surprised to learn wisdom teeth cause headaches. But, it happens when a wisdom tooth is trying to erupt and when they don’t have enough space on the jaw-line. As it gets trapped under the gum, it can cause overcrowding and the pressure and tension on the jaw can cause headaches.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and postponing your dental visit, it is a bad idea. Visit the dentist immediately and know the condition of your wisdom teeth.

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