Here's what you should know about Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth or the third set of molars are the last teeth human beings get in their lifetime. These teeth usually develop around the ages of 17 and 25. For years, there have been a lot of controversies about wisdom teeth removal. If these teeth don't impose any problem, they are ok to stay in place. If they cause any discomfort or pain or if they develop impacted, your doctor might suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Let us now learn more about wisdom teeth.

Why is it called Wisdom Teeth?

The name wisdom teeth will not make you smarter. These teeth are called so because they develop when you are older. You get four of these teeth two on upper and two on the lower jaw as part of a complete set of 32 permanent teeth.

Why some people do not get Wisdom Teeth?

These molars are the widest and toughest teeth that are used to grind food. However, some people don’t get wisdom teeth at all. Some theories see this as our jaws have changed with evolution due to changes in our diet.

Why do dentists suggest cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney as a preventive measure?

Dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal as a precaution, as these teeth might cause a problem in the future like:

- If the tooth grows on its side under the gum line, it can destroy the adjacent teeth by intervening with its root.

- The sack around the tissue can grow into a cyst even before the tooth comes in, leading to bone loss.

- Also, located far behind, there are chances for plaque and bacteria to build up around the tooth that has only partially erupted.

Your dentist will suggest you undergo affordable wisdom teeth removal only when he predicts a problem that may occur in the future. If you are worrying about wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, it is highly affordable.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

The procedure your dentist uses to remove the wisdom tooth depends entirely on how far your tooth is out of your gum. If it has completely erupted, your dentist can do it like removing normal teeth.

However, in case of impacted wisdom teeth, he will numb the area around the wisdom teeth, remove any bone blocking the tooth. He will then reach out to the teeth and break it into pieces and remove every single piece carefully without leaving any residue.

He will then suture the incision made and place a gauze on it to prevent bleeding. You can return home on the same day and follow some aftercare your dentist suggests until the surgical area heals completely

The author is a dentist. With a team of passionate dentists, he aims to offer safe and affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney with the highest possible standard of dental care. Visit for details

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