How to Avoid Dry Socket after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Dry socket is a painful condition that occurs after a tooth extraction, especially after wisdom teeth. However, it is found only in a few tooth extractions and it can be treated. Being proactive after the wisdom teeth removal Sydney surgery is the key to avoid getting dry socket.

Each year, millions of Australians remove their wisdom tooth with minimal swelling and discomfort. However, only a few people experience dry socket. Yes, only 2-5% of wisdom tooth extraction patients get dry sockets. But knowing about dry sockets before removing your wisdom teeth will help you prevent getting them.

What is a dry socket?

Once a tooth is pulled out, blood clot forms to promote healing and new bone formation. In case, if the blood clot is not formed or it gets dislodged from the extraction site, a painful dry socket occurs. The blood clot stops the bleeding after the cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney and also stimulates bone healing. When compared to upper teeth, lower teeth extraction is more likely to develop dry socket. Even though dry sockets can be painful, it can be prevented by following the post-operative care instructions given by your dentist.


The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, and the following are the signs of having dry socket:

- Throbbing pain after a couple of days after a tooth extraction

- Partial or completely dislodged blood clot that exposes nerves and bones in the extraction site

- Pain that radiates from the extraction site to your jaw, ear and neck on the same side

- Bad breath and unpleasant taste from your mouth

Tips to avoid dry socket:

- Consult an experienced dentist for removing your wisdom teeth

- Stop smoking before and after the extraction of wisdom teeth removal

- Talk to your dentist about the medications that you are taking because they may interfere with blood clotting

- Stick to soft foods and drinks after the surgery

- Do not take hot and cold liquids.

- Do not chew on the extraction side of your mouth

- Do not use straw because the sucking motion may dislodge the blood clot

Smoking, poor oral hygiene habits, and gum infection are the major factors that increase the risk of developing dry socket. Follow the post-operative care instructions given by the dentist without fail.

The author is a dentist and a blogger who provides affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Visit for more details.

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