What Foods Should You Avoid With Invisalign?

by Leon Anaf on Dec 6, 2019 Health and Fitness 112 Views


One of the primary benefits of invisible braces Sydney is, it straightens your teeth without affecting your regular diet like the traditional braces. As these invisible aligners are removable, anyone who undergoes the treatment for clear correct Sydney need not worry about food getting nested amid the metal braces. Yet, there are some food habits, which you might have to avoid during your Invisalign treatment, so that your aligners don’t get stained.

 Avoid Coffee & Tea – If you are a diehard fan of Coffee or Tea, and your day does not get started without it, we’re sorry to say this, you must not sip on your favourite blend. This is because - it is likely to stain your aligners. Instead, you must learn to drink loads of water, as it is not only keeps you hydrated, but it is the one you must drink in plenty when wearing Invisalign.

 Avoid Candies & Sticky Foods – For the ones under the treatment for invisible braces Sydney, chewing gum is not a part of their “to eat” list, as it is a bad combination. Not just chewing gum, rather all candies and food with sticky consistency must be avoided, like caramel, jelly beans etc. These sticky foods not only tend to pull the aligners, but also will possibly break them or damage them.

 Avoid Snacks – Though the Invisalign braces are unnoticeable, it holds a constant position in your mouth. This means, you have to be mindful of all that you put into your mouth, including the snacks. It might be tempting to grab a candy bar or salty chips, to put into your mouth. But with the invisalign braces, you must think over again, if you should really take the aligners out, eat, and then brush your teeth again. So, staying watchful about your diet is the best way to keep your braces in the best condition.

 Icy Foods – Ice cold foods like ice cream or ice can actually crack your teeth, by cold shock or by grinding. This is all set to gradually interfere with your Invisalign treatment.

 Spicy &Acidic Food – Spices are often added to the acidic foods. These foods might damage your gums and teeth gradually. The worst part is people usually pair this food with carbonated drinks, which is set to damage the teeth.

Finally, avoid smoking, consuming alcohol and chewing gums. Always take out your invisalign braces before eating anything. Refrain from taking in acidic drinks or food. Consuming fruits and green are absolutely fine, but not candies that are sticky. Ultimately, you are sure to have a beautifully aligned smile at the most affordable invisible braces cost Sydney, by accommodating the right diet to your routine.

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