Insights on Skin Cancer and Treatment

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Do you know? Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Yes, skin cancer is one of Australia’s most common cancers that affect millions of Aussies. Skin Cancer kills over 2,000 Australians each year and at least 2 in 3 Aussies are diagnosed with some of the skin cancer before the age of 70 and the risk higher in men than in women.

Skin cancer is caused by prolonged exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun that causes DNA damage to skin cells. If the damage is not repaired, the cells can start to grow uncontrollably and become cancers.

People with pale skin are susceptible to skin cancer. However, the more sun you are exposed to, the higher the risk. Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Melanoma are the three major types of skin cancer Bowral. Of all the types, it is the most dangerous and the third most common cancer in Australia.

Symptoms of skin cancer

The sooner the skin cancer is identified and treated by the Bowral doctors, the better are the chances of avoiding surgery and death in worst cases. Speak to the doctor about your level of risk and for advice on early detection.

- A pearly or waxy bump

- Bleeding or sore that doesn’t go away or reoccur

- A mole that changes in colour, size, and bleed

- A painful lesion that itches

- Dark lesion on your fingertips, palms, and tones

- A firm, red nodule

Make an appointment with your GP for Bowral medical imaging if you notice any of these signs or any changes in your skin that worry you. However, not all skin changes are caused by skin cancer there are other factors as well. Your GP will investigate and determine the cause.

Risk factor

Here are a few factors that increase the risk of skin cancer:-

- Episodes of sunburns

- Excessive exposure to UV rays

- Moles

- A family history of skin cancer

- A weakened immune system

- Prolonged exposure to radiation

Treating skin cancer

Most types of skin cancer are treatable at the early stage by removing the lesion, and it is done by the following ways:-

Cryosurgery: Liquid nitrogen is applied to the growth to freeze it.

Creams: Your doctor may prescribe creams to remove actinic keratosis and superficial basal cell carcinomas.

Excisional surgery: The growth and the surrounding skin are removed, and then the skin is tested for evidence of cancer cells. The doctors will advice on the best treatment option if cancer cells are found.

Cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes and other organs will require more treatments like surgery and chemotherapy.

Speak to your doctor if you notice any changes in your skin and about the treatment option that is best for you.

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