How to recognise Wisdom Tooth pain?

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The wisdom teeth might begin to cut through the gums during teens or late twenties. Luckily some people develop wisdom teeth like other healthy teeth that cause no problem that all. The luckiest people don't get their wisdom teeth at all. These people are fortunate because the third molars tend to impose so many problems when they erupt. In fact, in most cases, the dentist suggests undergoing removal of wisdom teeth Melbourne even before the complications popup.

How to recognise Wisdom Tooth pain?

Knowing some of the symptoms and signs of wisdom teeth pain can help you deal better with the situation. Patients commonly complain of indications like:

-Bad smell or taste

-Pain in the jaw

-Pain and swelling near the back of your mouth

-Earache or headache


-Swollen or sore lymph nodes

-Difficulty to open the mouth

Remember, these symptoms don't start until you are at the age of 16 or 17. However, they can occur anytime after that. The signs and symptoms of wisdom tooth pain in some cases, come and goes. You might get some relief for a while. However, the discomfort pops up again shortly.

Getting wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is likely unavoidable, and you should do it at the earliest rather than later.

Why should you consider Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many people don't have sufficient rooms in their mouth for the third smallest. This is one of the main reasons why these teeth cause so many problems. The wisdom teeth are located far back in the mouth and are nearly impossible to clean. Hence the third molars decay very easily. These teeth can even damage the adjacent teeth to get cavities.

In many cases, when all other teeth are present, the wisdom teeth don't serve any function. So it is a wise decision to get affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne before they cause further pain or complications.

The wisdom teeth can also lead to gum disease, and here are a few signs of gum disease or infection:


-Swelling of the lymph glands under the jaw


-Tender and bleeding gums

-Difficult to open mouth

-Difficult to swallow

-Pus coming from the gums.

Do Wisdom Teeth cause Sinus Problems?

Yes, you can tell if your wisdom teeth are coming out if you experience sinus pain pressure and congestion, especially if you feel pain in the upper jaw area. The growth and development of wisdom teeth and its root can push against the sinuses located behind and above. Due to this pressure, it can cause sinus pain and headaches.

The author is a dentist. With 15 years of experience in the field and a team of trained professionals, he offers affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne. Visit for details.

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