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Pure CBD products are not as obscure as they were a few years ago. Many people are starting to realize the potential and benefits of pure CBD productsand, as a result, finding CBD for sale is not difficult at all. But even though they are becoming a more common form of treatment for conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia, many people still have a lot of questions around the use of CBD. If you've taken an interest in CBD, but are still unsure about a few things, here are the most common questions (and answers) to look into before you look for CBD for sale. 

Will I get ‘high’ from taking CBD?

Since CBD is associated with the cannabis plant, a common misconception is that it will get you ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. CBD-infused products that do not include THC will not make you high. CBD is the non-intoxicating or non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. As such, your state of mind will not change at all, regardless of the fact that CBD assists with conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. Thus, patients who use CBD products do not have to be worried about getting high. 

Is CBD legal?

As long as the CBD content in a product falls within the legal guidelines of a specific country and state, CBD is legal. However, depending on where you are, the recreational use of cannabis may be illegal. In many countries, CBD is not considered a controlled substance and is, therefore, safe to use without worryingabout breaking the law.

Is CBD addictive?

Many consider the recreational use of cannabis potentially addictive. As a result, it's not uncommon to think that CBD-infused products are also potentially addictive. However, a report by the World Health Organization stated that there have been no cases of abuse or dependence in regards to CBD, indicating that CBD has little to no potential for addiction.  Most people tolerate CBD quite well, and it is considered safe for human consumption. CBD-infused products do not contain THC (unless explicitly stated), so they are not addictive. It is THC that has the potential for addiction in some patients.

Do I have to ingest CBD?

CBD products come in many forms. While there are pills, tinctures and oils that can be taken orally, there are other ways to take CBD to benefit from it. If you are concerned about the taste of CBD oil, you can always use it in cooking or in beverages such as your morning coffee. If you prefer not to ingest CBD at all, there are topical treatments widely available on the CBD market. CBD topical treatments include lotions, balms, oils and even bath salts. CBD topicals are particularly effective in the treatment of localized pain, such as the pain caused by arthritis or other joint and muscle conditions.

Is CBD suitable for pets?

CBD for pets is becoming more and more popular. Much like humans, pets can benefit from CBD if they suffer from conditions like anxiety and seizures. There are CBD products specifically formulated for pets that can be added to their food. CBD products for pets also come in the form of infused treats. When using CBD to treat ailments in pets, it is particularly important to take note of the dosage.

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