Are your ill-fitted shoe reasons for bunions?

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Bunions are joints that jut outwards, and it looks like a bump. This condition takes place when the big toe is pressed too often. Sometimes due to wearing stilettos for too, long women tend to cram their legs, which is one of the main reasons for bunions. The pressure is felt in the joints that cause them to become red and tender. Bunion surgeons Baltimore offers some of the best treatment for people suffering from it.


Bunions generally develop from arthritis. The wearing of narrow shoes is one of the common symptoms that can worsen the condition. Most people have a misconception that bunions are caused due to prolonged use of ill-fitted shoes. This is not true as wearing ill-fitted shoes can raise the chances of bunions but do not cause it in the first place. It is advised to avoid wearing shoes that are narrow and pointy. If you are facing mild bunions, then it is advised to avoid wearing footwear with low heels. 


Shoes are one of the biggest reasons for the increase of bunions. It is reported that bunions occur nine times more in women than men due to the fashionable high heel shoes that affect women. You can get your bunion surgery done from bunion surgeons Baltimore for the best results.


When women wear shoes with elevated heels, toe joints' pressure will swell, and pain excessively. Wearing shoes can narrow the toe box due to the compressed feel. Comfortable and well-fitting shoes are one of the essential parts of foot health. Wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes reduces the chances of bunions and prevents ingrown toenails that are very harmful or the foot. 




Wearing ill-fitted shoes is one of the significant reasons for bunions, especially in women. To avoid such issues, several precautionary measures can be taken. 


1. Wear shoes that are well-fitting and comfortable. This will also help to avoid ingrown toenails. 

2. Avoid high heels and stilettos. Wearing stilettos will exert the entire foot pressure of the joints that is the leading cause of bunions.

3. Narrow shoes should also be avoided. Narrow shoes can compress your toes together, which is not a good sign.

4. If you are suffering from a bunion, it is advised to wear shoes that fit you well and take proper medication as prescribed.


If bunion cases are severe, it may also require surgery or straighten the bone. A person suffering from it can be easily recognized. It is a hard bump at the side of the foot situated very near to the big toe. 


Bunions can cause pain, swelling, limited movement in the toe, and redness. There are several early signs of bunions, which when noticed you should visit a doctor. The shape of the foot begins to change initially. There will be immense pain in your big toe joints, and the skin placed on top of the bunion would be sore. It is advised to consult a doctor or take precautions as soon as you see these symptoms to avoid bunions. Bunions treatment, Baltimore offers some of the finest treatment in the entire country.

MVS Podiatry and Associates have been providing top-quality medical and surgical care for patients suffering from conditions and injuries around the foot and ankle area. All the staff have special training and expertise in this area and provide the best medical treatment you can find. 


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