Why Is Workplace Health And Safety Important?

by Gus Nehme on Jan 10, 2021 Health and Fitness 85 Views

It is very easy to overlook workplace health and safety when working in big projects with deadlines. However, your business will be badly impacted if safety standards are not regularly enforced. As the old saying goes, “for every action there is a reaction,” your actions can have an impact on cost and productivity. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 2,000 injuries occurs every day in the workplace that costing more than three hundred million due to medical expenses, lost production time, and worker compensation.

Why is safety so important in the workplace?

Nobody wants to collaborate with a business that risks the quality of the product and the safety of their employees to increase their bottom line. Companies who care about their employee’s and customer’s safety put them first no matter what. When it happens, productivity and the quality of the service/product won’t be compromised. The benefits of workplace safety Australia will be clearly seen and realised by both the visitors and employees.

Establishing good safety procedures and practices, including education, training, and appropriate safety supplies begin with the employers' commitment to safety. Workplace safety Australia benefits both the company and the worker. Health and safety transforms a company and its employees into a strong team that has a common goal – increase the bottom line. It is like a win for everybody. Always remember happy employees are productive ones.

Prevent and injury and death are the major reasons why health and safety are pivotal in the workplace. About 4,679 workers killed in the job and 3 million recorded injuries according to research. Improved safety training and creating awareness can help save many lives and reduce injuries in all possible ways inside the campus.

How your business will be benefited by ensuring safety in the workplace?

- Improve brand image – since you care about your employees more than anything, it adds value to your brand and improves reputation.

- Increased productivity - Without workers, there is no business. Happier employees are more productive than those who are unhappy with their employer. Your employees will be more productive when sticking to safety guidelines.

- Increase ROI – You will bring in more revenue, in fact, more than expected.

- Raise morale - Employees will have higher morale as they know you are caring about their health and safety. This makes them to be more dedicated to the organisation.

- Healthier employees - Fewer days out sick.

It is obvious that many companies lack in workplace health and safety programs and injury prevention. However, you still have the opportunity to turn this situation by consulting workplace health and safety NSW consultants and providing proper training to your employees.

The author is a safety consultant who is passionate about creating a healthier and safer place for all Australians. He offers work health and safety courses and consulting. Visit http://whitetick.com.au/ for more details.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/9501-Why-Is-Workplace-Health-And-Safety-Important.html


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