How Professional Teeth Whitening is Better than DIY Kits

by W. Gregory Rose on Jan 19, 2021 Health and Fitness 101 Views


Your teeth could possibly stain as you age, or with specific dietary habits. Some people would prefer to get their teeth whitened in order to improve their smile, or right before attending a public event.

A bright and white smile can definitely boost one's self-esteem and confidence. There are several DIY teeth whitening kits that are available to purchase. However, opting for professional teeth whitening in Albuquerque seems to be a better choice. Wondering why? Read on to find out:

Quick and Safe:

Professional teeth whitening procedure is comfortable, safe, and generates fast results. Since your teeth is taken care of by a certified dentist in Albuquerque NM, they will adopt the best safety practices, as opposed to doing it yourself at home. They will make sure that you remain comfortable throughout the process and get it done at the earliest time possible.

DIY teeth whitening kits, on the other hand, are risky to use. Besides producing unsatisfactory results, it could also possibly lead to infections, gum and enamel damage, chemical burns, and more. Even though certain whitening products claim to be safe, it is highly recommended to obtain teeth whitening procedure under the supervision of a certified dentist.

Results that Stay Long:

When you opt for professional teeth whitening, you will be benefited by its effective results that stay for a significant period of time. You might be asked to visit the dental office later, but that wouldn't be anytime soon. When you take good care of your oral health and stay away from foods that cause tooth staining or damage, you will notice that the results will stay longer, especially when compared with DIY kits.

Customized Procedure:

Just like how dental implants and tmj treatment in Albuquerque is customized for everyone, teeth whitening procedure is also tailored to your needs. You also get to choose the exact shade of whiteness you prefer. Additionally, the whitening tray used will perfectly fit your mouth, so that the gel can be applied perfectly for consistent coloring and produce the exact result you want.

Works with Misaligned Teeth:

Teeth whitening procedure produces the intended results for people with imperfect teeth as well. If your teeth are misaligned, the solution won't reach everywhere, thus leaving inconsistent spots or stains on your teeth. On the bright side, the teeth whitening solution used by a dentist will get to the toughest spots for perfect white teeth.

From the points mentioned, it is clear how professional teeth whitening is a lot more effective than home whitening kits. For a faster, safer, and better tooth whitening, talk to a dentist today. Be sure to get in touch with a certified dentist providing treatments with proven results such as tmj treatment in Albuquerque, dental implants, and more.

The author is a dentist in Albuquerque NM having an experience of over four years in offering various dental treatments for patients. In this article, he highlights the benefits of professional teeth whitening over DIY home whitening kits. Visit for more details.

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