How to achieve accurate dental implant placement using robotic guided?

by Dr. Sam Khoury on Jan 13, 2022 Alternative Medicine 10 Views

Advancements in medicine and dentistry are based on new research, technology, and procedures. It's the same with implant dentistry. Improvements in patient care and treatment results are always the ultimate aim. This article will discuss innovative dental implant implantation techniques that have been developed by highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

The advantages of Robot-Assisted Implant Surgery

You will profit significantly from robotic-guided implant surgery. These are some of them:

  • More Efficient

Traditional implant surgery requires numerous dental appointments. It may take months for all of your permanent implants to be placed.

With robotic-guided implant surgery, you may have your implants installed in a single visit. This technique can even put many implants at once, saving you even more time if you require more than one tooth implant.

  • Non-Invasive Procedure

Dr. Sam Khoury can use robot-guided technology to create smaller incisions than conventional implant surgery, making your operation less invasive. As a result, you'll have a shorter recovery time and a lesser chance of problems.

  • Precise

Your dentist can install your dental implants with precise accuracy because of the improved levels of precision afforded by robotic-guided implant surgery. This guarantees that your implants and other teeth work correctly and that you keep your attractive smile.

What Is The Procedure For Robotic Dental Implant Surgery?

Using a cone-beam CT scan of the patient, the dental team may realistically design the procedure in software. Yomi offers visual, audio, and bodily assistance during surgery to deliver repeatable surgical accuracy.

Your dentist can make even more precise and delicate motions during implant surgery using the Yomi robot than he can with human hands. The dentist is in charge of the robot throughout the implant surgery, which means they are constantly there and using the Yomi robot to improve your implant placement surgical experience.

What Role Do Robots Have In Dentistry?

When it comes to inserting instruments, robots have benefits over freehand procedures. These technologies, in combination with navigational assistance, provide:


  • Enhanced accuracy and precision in dental treatment.
  • Reduced work procedures and improved workflows.
  • Resulting in improved care quality.

Find Out Whether Robotic-Assisted Implant Surgery Is Correct For You

Robotic-guided implant surgery may be used if one or more adult teeth are missing or if a tooth extraction is required. Robotic-guided implant treatment may be the best choice for you if you have lost one or more adult teeth or have been recommended to have them pulled. To know more about dental implants Exton PA, visit Dr. Sam Khoury


After determining whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, Dr. Sam Khoury will provide you with specific treatment recommendations and lay out the details of your surgical plan during your consultation on drsamkhoury. Find the most appropriate option for you.

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