Why You Should Apply Foundation Over Highlighter?

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Applying a highlighter is a lot easier than you think. Whether you want a my-skin-is-better kind of glow or a roll-around-in-a-bowl-of-glitter - keep scrolling to learn how to apply your highlighter in a few simple steps.


Highlighter is probably one of the most on hand and transformative makeup inventions. Finding a Forever52 highlighter that just blends into your skin with the right degree of glow, covering up any dark circles or lackluster skin is surely the holy grain of makeup. The thing is, with the advance of online cosmetic stores, finding the right highlighter palette has gotten a little out of hand and many women pick highlighters that don’t match their skin type. Enter the experts, to show you how to use a highlighter the correct way and what to avoid. 


So, why use a highlighter?

A Forever52 Highlighter is used to create lighting on the skin, it depicts how fresh, healthy, and glowing natural skin would look in the sunlight. When applied sparingly, it can elevate a makeup look, accentuate your features and hide dark circles, creating a no-makeup look. It can be used when you are in a hurry and makes for an excellent everyday product that is subtle yet impactful. 


How to pick a highlighter?

Picking a highlighter palette is important because that colorful mermaid shimmer even though it looks good will not paint your features in the best light. Highlighters like that should only be kept for events and festivals where you need to dress up – not in your daily routine. For those of you who do not want to look like a mythical creature here’s what you need to do to pick a proper shade. Like your Forever52 foundation, your highlighter needs to be picked according to your skin type and color tone. 


  • Fair to Medium tones – go for a hue like peach, pearl, silver, lilac, and champagne. 

  • Medium skin tones – go for hues like golden and champagne with peach/gold undertones

  • Deeper skin tones – go for gold, copper, and bronze tones. 


Be careful of any foundation cream or highlighter with too much glitter or sparkle these can look fake and unflattering. Remember floodlighting your pores isn’t the plan here.  


How to apply a highlighter

  • Prep your skin

Before applying your Forever52 foundation or highlighter remember to prep your skin properly. Wash your face, swipe on a toner (depending on your skin type), and a lightweight moisturizer that works well under makeup.


  • Apply your foundation

You don’t need foundation cream to wear a highlighter. But if you do want a bit more coverage then now would be the ideal time to apply it. Apply a few drops of face oil into your foundation cream before applying, it will make your face ridiculously dewy. 


  • Choose your highlighter 

Picking a highlighter and the right shade of glimmer can be tricky, but highly possible. A creamy highlighter works well on dry skin, whereas a powder one is better for oily skin. Use these highlighters before your foundation or just mix them into your makeup for a pretty overall glow. 


  • Using the right highlighter applicator

This depends on three factors, the type of formula, the level of highlight you want, and where you are applying it. Creamy highlighters are best applied with your fingers while powders can be applied to your skin with a brush or makeup sponge. For a light bare coverage, use a thin brush whereas for a more shimmery application you can use a denser brush. Use a pencil brush for small areas like your nose, eyes, or lips. 


So, there we are. We hope we have helped you master the art of applying a highlighter and most of the dos and don’ts. 


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Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/Beauty/8168-Why-You-Should-Apply-Foundation-Over-Highlighter.html


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