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The X Lite Pro Frsky radio has some awesome upgrades within the original X-Lite. Searching in the two radios alongside the variations are subtle externally, however the finish using the blue and matte black helps make the Pro look much classier. The gimbals are actually CNC metal gimbals plus they feel happy. The brand new game has become on!

In the following paragraphs, we will not set up overview of this radio once we have previously done that, But presenting good quality within the class receiver matched with ACCESS protocol you can use with this particular radio. Let’s get began.


The very first receiver we're considering for that X lite Pro FrSky Radio may be the FrSky ultra small receiver R-XSR may be the evolution of FrSky full-range XSR receiver. The R-XSR is really a standalone receiver with the functions of XSR, additionally, it’s almost 1/three of the size and 1/3 weight from the XSR receiver. Furthermore, their redundancy function is built-into this small receiver ensures security, and also the IPEX connector makes it simpler for you to definitely replace antennas.

The R-XSR is definitely an ACCESS compatible receiver, by flashing the ACCESS firmware it may be re-bound anytime without being able to access the F/S button once it's registered for an ACCESS radio. To get either the ACCST version or even the ACCESS form of this receiver and may flash the needed firmware to match together with your radio.

Features instantly:

Ultra small size and light-weight

Support telemetry and Smart Port enabled


Switchable SBUS/ CPPM signal output

Supports redundancy function

IPEX connector, replaceable antennas

Specifications instantly:

Dimension: 16*11*5.4mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 1.5g

Quantity of channels: 16CH (1-16CH from SBUS funnel, 1~8CH from CPPM funnel)

Operating Current Range: 3.5V~10V

Operating Current:70mA@5V

Firmware Upgradable

Compatibility: ACCST D16 / ACCESS mode

Archer M

The ARCHER M receiver may be the second receiver we've taken into account for that X lite Pro FrSky Radio that has its small form factor and new ACCESS protocol. ACCESS offers the lower latency and elevated performance in our previous XM receivers. With OTA (Over-The-Air) function support firmware upgrades can be really easy, without any more wires.

The ARCHER M comes with an S.Port/F.Port which makes this small receiver will also support the telemetry function with around 500 to 600 meters telemetry range. You can now benefit from the audio feedback by using it out of your FrSky ACCESS enabled transmitter.

Features instantly:

ACCESS protocol with more than The Environment (OTA)

Small and super lightweight

Full control range & 500 to 600 meters telemetry range


S.Port / F.Port

Inverted S.Port

Specifications instantly:

Dimension: 17*11.7*4mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 1g

Quantity of Channels: 16/24 SBUS channels

- 16 SBUS channels

- 24 SBUS channels (Stay tuned in)

Operating Current Range: 3.5 -10V

Operating Current: 16mA@5V typ

Operating Range: >1.2km (Full-range) (*Range can vary according to local conditions.)

Compatibility: All FrSky ACCESS transmitters

Archer RS

The Archer RS receiver integrates all the the best-selling previous receiver in the class, the R-XSR. That is why we've taken this receiver into account to match using the X lite Pro FrSky Radio. The RS supports full-range signal control by having an equivalent telemetry range. Dual removable/replaceable antennas assure optimal antenna reception and maximum range using its lightweight design because of the very small form factor.

It features an inverted S.Port that enables for easily connecting flight controllers, additionally to any or all this, the RS may also be used like a redundancy receiver together with every other FrSky ACCESS capable receiver outfitted by having an SBUS port. The very best available signal will be employed to ensure superior connectivity. All the Archer receivers are hyper-matched using the ACCESS protocol.

They not just feature wireless firmware upgrades but additionally elevated range, and telemetry performance, the RS now supports much more functions like configurable telemetry power, S.Port/F.Port switching and FLR output that is really mind-blowing. Additional valuable features they are under development to unlock the real potential from the ACCESS protocol.

Features instantly:

ACCESS protocol with more than The Environment (OTA)

Small and super lightweight

Supports signal redundancy (SBUS In)

Full control range with telemetry

S.Port / F.Port

Inverted S.Port

Specifications instantly:

Dimension: 16*11*2.5mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 1.3g

16/24 SBUS Output Channels

Operating Current Range: 3.5 -10V

Operating Current: <60mA@5V

Control Range: Full-range- with telemetry

(*Full-range: >2km, the number can vary according to local conditions.)

Compatibility: All FrSky ACCESS transmitters


Hope this information has helped someone to educate yourself regarding X lite Pro FrSky Radio receivers thorough. Pick the one based on your needs and specifications for your requirements. There are lots of receivers available for sale but we're not taking all of them into consideration here. You'll find all of those other FrSky receivers from FrSky’s official website.

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