Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

by Rosario Berry on Jan 25, 2019 Depression 217 Views

An individual may start using mood or mind altering substances for a variety of reasons. These “root causes” could range from simple curiosity right through to attempting to self-medicate to cope with general anxiety disorder, or a specific event in their lives. Essentially, however, all using can be traced back to a single common denominator: People use substances to “Change the way they feel”.


For some people the scenario outlined above proves to cause minimal damage or disruption to their daily lives. For others, these behaviours can clearly be seen to progress, and in time the use of pills, potions and powders take priority over other aspects of an individual’s very existence. This may manifest itself in financial insecurity, isolation, lack of contact with loved ones, perhaps termination of employment as they become unreliable. Whilst the consequences will vary greatly from one person to another, dependent upon substance being used and extent to which they become reliant; one thing about substance abuse is clear – It is a progressive illness.


As stated within Narcotics Anonymous (NA) literature the inevitable end for anyone suffering from the true misery of addiction will come in the form of Jails, Institutions or Death.


Furthermore, as tolerance develops, and the brain and body become more affected from prolonged use; any addict will tell you that their using escalates just to try and achieve the same effect – Essentially “the law of diminishing returns”. What is frightening is the change this predicament can have on the user in their desperation to feed an ever worsening habit.


Beyond the behaviour of an individual under the influence of drugs there are numerous, whilst varied, outwardly visible signs of such self-abuse, especially once a physical dependency has been formed. Indicators of drug use may include impaired speech and movement including slurring or stumbling; unusual marks or smells on clothes or bodies, perhaps including scarring from injecting. Eyes may no longer be clear but rather reddened or jaundiced, pupils constricted or dilated; the person may lose or gain large amounts of weight in a short period of time. Regardless of the outwardly visible signs, once drug or alcohol use is impairing a person’s daily existence and their ability to operate, external assistance is often required to break the cycle.


If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction – regardless of the substance in question – then Substance Rehabilitation can quickly and effectively assist in identifying a suitable rehabilitation facility in which one can seek recovery through structured, carefully monitored treatment programs. Whilst there are thousands of treatment centres globally, the Substance Rehabilitation Team work closely with a professional network of such clinics throughout the UK and Ireland. Trained rehabilitation coordinators are able to discuss with you the exact nature of treatments available at any given location and rapidly coordinate admissions when the time is right.


There are many differences from one treatment centre to another in terms of specific activities, whether a 12-step program is followed, methods of detox (i.e. medications used), whether therapeutic treatments such as massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture are available and/or included in the cost of rehabilitation, and more. It is here that Substance Rehabilitation can be of the most assistance; we can help you evaluate the likely effectiveness of one treatment centre over another based on the information you know about the individual.


Do not be under any illusions – Addiction is a progressive disease. Within ‘Fellowship’ literature this disease is described as “cunning baffling and powerful”. Once someone has reached the stage where treatment is required, it is highly likely that this illness will stay with them in one form or another for the rest of their days. However, by identifying and attending a reputable, professional rehabilitation facility, an individual can be offered the opportunity to find a path back to a life of purpose, enjoyment and fulfilment. Following treatment the work must go on, but ‘Rehab.’ can effectively ‘reset’ a person from the most destructive of paths whereby with time, effort, support and structure they can rediscover their lives.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Substance Abuse Rehabilitation. Drug Alcohol Addiction is a progressive disease. We can help you evaluate the likely effectiveness of one treatment centre over another based on the information you know about the individual.

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