Mannequin heads creep out crows and people

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本月初在日本神户居住了26年的加拿大摄影师丹尼斯·杜斯(Dennis Doucet)在本月初发现附近怪异的头时,正在附近的稻田里寻找白鹭和苍鹭。


Doucet在CNN iReport上写道:“突然出现的看起来像没有身体的僵尸头在黑暗中漂浮,可能会给人带来很大的恐惧。”

“而且,当头变得发霉或被太阳漂白时,它们变得更加可怕。大多数(非农业)日本人似乎都同意,头对人类来说比对它们被用来远离的有害生物更可怕。 !!”

日本稻草人被称为“ kakashi”,在农业文化中占有悠久的历史,在稻田中使用稻草人有许多传说。


Doucet写道:“这些头真人大小,而且非常逼真。” “'头发'是永久性的,因此一旦剪掉头发,原来的主人就无用了。”

Kensuke Okada, a professor at the University of Tokyo's International Program in Agricultural Development Studies, says scarecrows are "known to be an ineffective way for protect the crops from birds, nor it is widely practiced in Japan."

But Doucet visited two farmers who insisted they've found scarecrows to be the most effective strategy for repelling skittish sparrows, short of air cannons, which are so loud that they make a nuisance for neighbors.

Driving around the area, he saw the mannequin heads in at least a dozen different paddies in different areas.

One large land owner, a 15th-generation farmer, said he started using the mannequins about five years ago, when one of his part-time workers was studying to be a hair dresser.



另一位东京摄影师李·查普曼(Lee Chapman)多年来拍摄了许多模特稻草人的照片,“穿着各种衣服和姿势”,他注意到它们只是在8月中下旬才出来,以保护即将收获的稻米。


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