What Are the Risk Factors That Leads to Developing of a Hammer Toe?

by Adam Brown on Mar 2, 2021 Medicine 15 Views

A hammer toe is the most common deformity that happens on the second, third or fourth toe. Read on about the risk factors that cause this deformity.

A hammer toe is a deformity of a joint or multiple joints in your foot and affects more women than men as it is caused often by wearing shoes such as high heels or pointed-toed shoes that put a lot of pressure on the toes. This forces the toes into an unnatural position, sticking up at the joint rather than downward flexing. It causes pain, difficulty walking as well as wearing shoes. Here are some of the causes of it. 

A hammer toe can occur from shifting in the muscles surrounding the middle toe joint. These muscles, ligaments, and tendons work together to straighten and bend the toes and if one muscle gets weak, you won’t be able to bend or straighten your toe. If this toe stays bent long enough, it won’t be able to straighten out and this weakness and imbalance can be caused by several factors.

According to podiatrists in Baltimore, some of the causes of hammer toes are avoidable and you can greatly minimize the risk of developing one. 

Wearing tight shoes
Wearing high heels, pointed-toe shoes that are too tight can force your toes into a flexed position. These toes may not be able to straighten out after a certain point, even when barefoot, and may lead to hammer toes. 

Women are more likely to develop hammertoes compared to men, this can be due to a number of factors, including footwear. The risk increases with age too. 

When a toe is stubbed, jammed, or broken, the risk of developing a hammer toe may be more likely and that may necessitate hammer toe treatment in Baltimore

Toe length
If the second toe is longer than the big toe, in most cases you can develop a hammer toe. Sometimes, a hammer toe is hereditary and may run in your family.

Certain diseases
Podiatrists in Baltimore state that individuals suffering from conditions like diabetes or arthritis are more likely to develop foot problems including a hammer toe. Hammer toes are progressive and will worsen over time if not treated, as the toe joint may become fixed and require hammer toe surgery in Baltimore to straighten it out and release the tendons.

When should you see a doctor?
While not a medical emergency, a hammer toe can worsen over time and may need hammer toe treatment in Baltimore if you notice any symptoms or other foot issues. People treated for hammer toe should check with the podiatrist if they notice the condition getting worse with prescribed treatments. If you notice any signs of infection, like pus, redness of the skin, or fever then you need to see a doctor immediately. 

A hammer toe can be treated and prevented with simple exercises, and footwear changes but if the toe becomes too rigid then surgery may be needed to relieve the hammer toe. The best way to ensure that the hammer toe does not return is by choosing proper footwear. 

At Podiatrist Associates, professional podiatrists will help you diagnose and treat hammer toes early so that you won’t need surgical options. Each of the physicians is trained extensively in all types of foot conditions and will help provide you the best possible treatment options. 



Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/Medicine/10643-What-Are-the-Risk-Factors-That-Leads-to-Developing-of-a-Hammer-Toe.html


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