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PRP injections are treatments that help the body undergo quicker natural healing. It helps recreate and receive dormant body cells. The standard treatment is around the hair, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Except in hair loss reversal, PRP treatment Los Angeles is applied when other treatment methods fail. The only exception is athletes who need to heal faster, and they get back to their training. 


Where to get PRP


The doctor gets PRP from the patent’s blood. They can get it from any other donor, but it’s safer to derive the blood from a patient’s body. You cut out the risks of cross-infection. Also, you reduce the time needed to get a compatible donor. 

The doctors extract the blood with a needle and syringe- the same as drawing blood for a lab test. Then they add a coagulant; it helps to separate the blood components. However, the coagulant alone isn’t enough. They put the mixture in a centrifuge and spin for a few minutes. The blood separates into four parts- the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-poor plasma, and buffer. The doctor will use another clean syringe and suck out the buffer and PRP. they return the content to the centrifuge and spin for a few minutes. It helps to concentrate the platelets and reduce the volume of plasma. 


Why is PRP Important


Platelets have a growth factor protein. It helps body cells to heal and reconstruct. Thus, it speeds up the process of healing in case of an injury. It also helps in reviving dormant hair follicles for healthy hair growth. 

It offers a treatment process with little to no side effects. You can’t compare PRP with any medicine. With medicine, your body needs some time to flush off the toxins you ingest. But with PRP, everything that gets to your body is assimilated and works to better your body. 

PRP keeps your cells younger or longer. Thus, you can use it as an anti-aging therapy. However, the anti-aging factor usually comes as an effect of hair loss PRP therapy. 

PRPs are the safest form of therapy. Also, you’re guaranteed results. The risks involved are nerves and blood vessel injuries as well as muscle and tissue damage. These cases are very rare. You can avoid them by getting a qualified doctor to inject you with the PRP.


What to do After PRP Therapy


Do not wash the treatment area 48 hours after therapy. You can resume the usual cleaning. However, it’s wise to use mild soaps and shampoos to avoid skin irritation. If your treatment was not on the scalp or head, you could wipe yourself with a damp towel to wipe off dirt and sweat. 

In case of bruising, you can use Acetaminophen. However, you should notify your doctor in case of severe pain. 




PRP Treatment Los Angeles is used to treat several types of injuries. It’s most sought after in the treatment of hair loss. You can get it at an affordable price. 


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