A Review Of The Results Of Ongoing Use Of Methamphetamines

by Rosario Berry on Mar 4, 2019 Medicine 161 Views

Methamphetamine is purchased in the form of translucent crystals or less frequently appearing to be powder. It is most likeable in appearance to finely shattered glass.


Methamphetamine (AKA Ice, Meth, Crystal) is a man-made substance the primary active ingredient of which is pseudoephedrine. It is a powerful stimulant which may be smoked, snorted, ingested or injected resulting in a long lasting and ‘clean’ high.


Users report feelings of euphoria, elevated levels of confidence, the ability to stay awake for days on end (known as runs) and also extremely high sex drives combined with a lack of inhibitions.


The chemical make-up of Methamphetamine is reportedly very closely related to that of MDMA (ecstasy) but the effects are frequently less visibly intoxicating making the use of methamphetamine to enhance a user’s ability to operate at a high level which could include carrying out professional communication based tasks remaining viable.


In response to the high levels of abuse and home based ‘cooking’ (preparation) of methamphetamine, the availability of pseudoephedrine has been subject to increased levels of control over recent years in an attempt to reduce dangerous street level manufacturing operations. This is quite apparent with pharmaceutical manufacturers resorting to the use of alternative, less effective substitutes such as phenyleneline in the production of medications for congestion and requests for ID when buying medications which still contain the original ingredient.


This is particularly evident in countries such as Australia and the USA where there is a strong presence of this powerful stimulant the use of which has reached epidemic proportions in certain locations. In Australia particularly, where historically illegal drug use appears somewhat less widespread and out of control than traditional global hotspots (i.e. USA, UK); throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, there is a strong presence of the drug and an associated crime-wave, helping to fund the destructive habit.


Whilst it is becoming progressively more difficult to source the base substances required to undertake the dangerous process of generating the end product, there is still high availability online with persons sourcing pseudoephedrine particularly from Asian countries. It is important to be aware that at the very same time, in the Philippines for example, the President, Rodrigo Duterte has been making a high profile crackdown when it comes to targeting the use of Yabba, as the drug is known in this part of the world.


The use of ICE is perhaps most synonymous – evident from a simple online search – with causing extreme damage to the teeth of users. Whilst such damage is clearly evident in many longer term users, research suggests that as opposed to the drug directly causing the damage it is more closely associated with users staying awake for a number of days, failing to adhere to the most basis of hygiene principles and, in the case of damaged teeth, depleted levels of saliva, failure to clean teeth, and dehydration combining to cause the damage as opposed to the direct contact between the drug and the dental work of habitual users.


Whilst there are numerous ways to use ICE, the most common are to smoke the vapour using a simple glass pipe or to inject. All methods of administration result in extremely long periods of intoxication which in turn lead to users remaining awake sometimes for many days at a time.


Mental Health officials report that psychosis, paranoia, anxiety and schizophrenia are all common side effects of long term use and whilst the drug is not physically addictive, such is the power of the desire to use, that extensive criminal activities are frequently undertaken to fund access to further supplies of the drug to help maintain the high or return to a previous state of euphoria.


Extensive discussion has been entered into given the high risk nature of behaviour undertaken by users – be this whilst under the influence or seeking more of the drug to achieve a similar repeated high. These behaviours are frequently seen to include violent crime with little or no consideration for the time of day, location or associated risk.


Likewise, disinhibited sexual behaviour is frequently witnessed leading to an elevation in the occurrence and transmission of STD’s including HIV, the AIDS virus.


Persons under the influence of small amounts of Methamphetamine in the short term can be relatively difficult to differentiate from non-users but in the longer term it is quite typical to witness considerable, rapid weight loss, a lack of attention to personal hygiene, erratic behaviour and extreme unreliability as it becomes impossible to function due to sheer lack of sleep.

It is not unheard of for individuals to go on ‘runs’ exceeding 7 days after which time auditory and visual hallucinations are common as is a tendency for users to scratch as if experiencing the sensation of bugs crawling under the skin.


Whilst the most effective treatment, as with all substances, is to separate the user from their drug of choice, this can be most difficult to broach with users in extreme denial or experiencing periods of dellusions and behaving extremely erratically whilst in the process of withdrawing. Such is the strain that an individuals body can come under whilst using, when the drug itself begins to wear off it is not unusual for a person to fall asleep mid-sentence or mid-movement again contributing hugely to the dangers associated with using.


As with all stimulants – naturally occurring or man made, the constriction of blood vessels is said to put internal organs under extreme pressure by starving them of oxygen and in the case of the brain incurring often irreversible brain damage.


One only needs to engage in conversation with someone under the influence of Meth who has been using for any period of time to be in little doubt as to the true extent of the damage which reliance on the substance can cause.


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About the Author:


Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Substance Rehabilitation. Drug Alcohol Addiction is a progressive disease. We can help you evaluate the likely effectiveness of one treatment centre over another based on the information you know about the individual.

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