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An allergy that occurs in a particular time of year is more commonly known as hay fever. It occurs when your immune system react excessively to an outdoor allergen, for example, pollen. An allergen triggers an allergic response. The most commonly found allergens are pollens coming from wind-pollenated plants, like trees, grasses, and weeds. The pollens coming from insect-pollinated plants are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

Hay fever happens to be existing in hay-cutting season. This activity is common in the summer months, around the same time when many people experience the symptoms.Various Allergy Medicine is available to treat these allergies.

Seasonal allergies are rare during the winter, but experience allergic rhinitis anytime in the year. Different plants emit their pollens at different times of year. Based on your allergy triggers, or where you live, you may experience hay fever in over a one season. You may also react to indoor allergens, like mold or pet dander.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies

The most common include:

 • Coughing

 • Sneezing

 • Runny or stuffy nose

 • Watery and itchy eyes

 • Postnasal drainage

Less common symptoms include:

 • Headache

 • Shortness of breath

 • Itchy sinuses, throat, or ear canals

 • Ear congestion

 • Wheezing

Many people with hay fever also encounter asthma. If a person has both hay fever and asthma, his seasonal allergens may trigger an asthma attack.

Causes of seasonal allergies

When your immune system recognizes an airborne substance, it responds to that substance/ allergen, by releasing other chemicals and histamines into your bloodstream. Those chemicals cause the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Common triggers of hay fever vary season to season.

1. Spring

Trees are responsible for most seasonal allergies of springtime. In northern latitudes, Birch is one of the most common offenders where many people having hay fever react to its pollen. In North America there are other allergenic treesfound such as cedar, alder, horse chestnut, willow, and poplar. Various Allergy Medicine is available to treat these allergies.

2. Summer

Hay fever gets its name from summer month’s hay-cutting season, which is traditional. But grasses are the real culprits of summertime seasonal allergies including ryegrass and timothy grass, and certain weeds. Grasses are the most common trigger for people with hay fever.

3. Fall

Autumn is known as a ragweed season. The Ambrosia is the genus name for ragweed and it includes over 40 species worldwide. Mostly they grow in temperate regions of America. They are invasive plants which are difficult to control. Their pollen is a common allergen, and the symptoms of ragweed allergy are especially severe. Various Best Allergy Medicine is available to treat these allergies. Nettles, mugworts, sorrels, fat hens, and plantains, are the other plants that drop their pollen in the fall.

4. Winter

Most outdoor allergens lie dormant by winter. Cold weather brings relief in many people as a resultwith hay fever. More folks are spending time indoors. Some people are prone to seasonal allergies, may react to indoor allergens, like mold, pet dander, cockroaches or dust mites.

Here are a few tips for purging your home of common allergens-

 • Remove stuffed toys from your children’s bedrooms.

 • Use a dehumidifier to reduce excess moisture.

 • Diagnosing seasonal allergies.

 • Wash your bedding in very hot water at least once a week.

 • Cover your bedding and pillows with allergen-proof covers.

 • Get rid of carpets and upholstered furniture.

 • Fix water leaks and damage that can help mold and pests flourish.

 • Clean moldy surfaces that mold may form, including swamp coolers, and refrigerators.

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