Alcohol Proof: A Brief Guide

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In case a liquor bottle indicates 151 proof alcohol, it refers to the alcohol content of the liquor. Let’s understand things a little better.

What Is Alcohol Proof?

Alcohol Proof is the measurement unit used for deciding the amount of ethanol present in alcoholic beverages. So, the higher the alcohol proof, the stronger the drink will be. This means 190 proof alcohol is much higher than 80 alcohol proofs.

The system to measure alcohol content is primarily used in the US, where proof is double the amount of alcohol by volume. For instance, if case whiskey is 50% ABV, it is a 100-proof whiskey. 

What Is the Origin Of Proof?

It is a mystery for historians. A few claims that the term had originated in the British Royal Navy in the 19th century regarding rum, while other people say that it is an outcome of practice done for testing whiskey formulated by farmers in America about the same time.

Either way, the term originated from a test, which had been performed to test the alcohol percentage in liquor. The liquor had been combined with gun power and then set on fire. In case there was any kind of explosion or ignition, the bottle had been proved to have an acceptable amount of alcohol.

In the US, the proof system had been established in 1848, where liquors having 50% alcohol were defined as 100 proofs for the purpose of tax. It is a completely arbitrary standard that had been picked as liquor with 50% alcohol was considered to be quite normal for strong liquors. The taxes are determined on the basis of how much lower or higher the proof of the bottle had been relative to 100 proof.

The Highest Proofs

Even though liquors might contain as low as 80 proof, they might also be as high as 191 alcohols proof.  Spirytus Vodka is known to have the highest alcohol proof. It is a Polish Vodka container. This is followed by Everclear which is 190 alcohol.

The higher the proof, the more calories you are going to consume. You are also more prone to hangovers and become intoxicated much faster. However, the more you drink, the heavier you will pour. Nothing will scream alcohol poisonings like one or two shots of 95% alcohol. Alcohol above 101 proof is taken to be flammable.

So, consuming 190 proof alcohol can be a little dangerous. But that doesn’t mean high-proof liquors can be enjoyed. You just have to drink it responsibly. You might want to consider Sunset Rum which has 169 proof and Bacardi that has 151 proof alcohol.

Alcohol having strong proof takes this characteristic as a bragging point. Thus, they label their alcohol content.

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