Four important vitaminsfor ensuring healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss

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Healthy hair is a sign of beauty and good health. Like all the other body parts, your hair also needs a number of nutrients to grow and be healthy. In fact, many of the nutritional deficiencies are connected to hair loss. While many factors like genetics, age, and hormones also affect hair growth, the optimal nutrition intake is also an important factor. The following are the top nutrients that are important for hair growth.

Vitamin A: Hair is the fastest growing tissue in your body and just like all cells the hair also needs vitamin A for growth. You can also take Organika WILD YAM & SOY ISOFLAVONEfor ensuring good health. Vitamin A helps the skin glands produce sebum, which moisturizes your scalp and keeps your hair healthy. Diets that lack Vitamin A can lead to hair loss.

Vitamin B: One of the best vitamins for hair growth is biotin, which is a kind of B-vitamin. Studies have linked biotin deficiency with loss of hair in humans. One can also use Organika SUPER OPC-7 POWDER for getting good hair and health. Deficiency for vitamin B is rarely seen because of the wide range of availability of this vitamin in foods. Still if you are deficient in this vitamin, make sure that you have supplements to compensate for that.

Vitamin C: Damage from free radicals can make your hair age and block the growth of your hair. You can have Organika HAIR PLUS 480MGto ensure healthy hair growth. Vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress that happens due to the presence of free radicals.

Vitamin D: Low levels of this vitamin can lead to alopecia, which a technical term for hair loss. Organika COLLOIDAL TRACE MINERALcontains such trace vitamins to help in hair growth and also ensure general good health. Vitamin D helps in the creation of new hair follicles, which are the tiny pores through which hair grows. Make sure that you also have foods that are rich in Vitamin D, such as, cod liver oil, fatty fish, and some kinds of mushrooms.

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