How is liquid soy different from the traditional soy?

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These days there has been a lot of talk about producing natural health products.One such product,Bragg Bragg All Purpose Seasoning - Liquid Soy, takes the game away as it is made with only soybeans that have not been genetically tampered with and water. It becomes a natural alternative to conventional soy sauces, without the additional table salt, preservatives or gluten that can be found in many of the soy sauces on the market. These omissions from the seasoning, add a lot of health benefits to it. It contains amino acids from the soybeans used to make it, which are very beneficial to human health in various ways. It includes sixteen of the twenty necessary ones which act as the building blocks of protein. The body uses such amino acids to help with digestion and tissue growth and repair. It is vital because nine from the twenty amino acids cannot be produced in the body and hence needs to be consumed through a diet.

Since most commercial soy sauces use wheat products and genetically modified soybeans, products like Bragg Bragg All Purpose Seasoning - Liquid Soy 180ml are made free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and also wheat and gluten. It is helpful for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance is associated with many symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and rashes, and all such complications can be avoided just by choosing the right product.

The most common food additive used as a flavor enhancer is MSG. It is naturally present in foods like meat, fish, and dairy but is added in certain foods, especially in Asian-style dishes. MSG has been linked to a lot of unfavorable health effects such as nausea, sweating and burning sensations. Traditional soy sauces are found to have high amounts of MSG added in them, whereas Bragg liquid soy has no MSG added, therefore avoiding such irritating complications.

Bragg has other variants of the same product available like the Bragg Coconut Nectar All Purpose Seasoning 296ml, which is similar in taste and nature. The only difference being it is made organically from coconut tree nectar and sea salt. It tastes very similar to the others, and like the others is a natural and soy-free replacement to the traditional sauces of soy and tamari.

The surprising fact about these replacements is that they can be used and implemented in the dish the same way as traditional soy sauce. It is a low-calorie seasoning that adds a more savory flavor to a meal.  


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