Turbidity Monitor - A Simple Way to Measure the Quality of Drinking Water

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Do you know contaminated water causes over 485,000 deaths every year? Yes! Studies show that over 2 billion people rely on impure water resource, and 144 million have access to only surface water. Earth might be a blue planet. But, clean water is very rare. Unfortunately, we don’t think much about these issues as developing nations. We should because water quality issues are everywhere, can be devastating, and affect us all. This is when the turbidity of the water comes into the play.

What is turbidity, and how is it measured?

Turbidity indicates the level of clarity of the water. In fact, it is a vital indicator of water quality and a critical measurement for drinking plants and other water plants for compliance with international regulations and securing high-quality water levels for consumer protection.

In short, turbidity is the cloudiness of water, which means it indicates the particles that are suspended in the water that can’t be seen individually. The particles could be dirt, mud, algae, oils, proteins, and even bacteria. Turbidity is the measurement of the presence of suspended particles in the water.

It is measured by passing the light through a sample and quantifying the suspended particle concentration. If the particle suspension is more, then it indicates more turbidity. It is measured using Turbidity Monitor called TurBiScat.

Importance of measuring the turbidity of water

Turbidity is the benchmark of water quality parameters across all the environments, right from the government drinking water facility and private water plant to environmental monitoring.

Water treatment plants' goal is to remove and reduce the level of turbidity in water and make it safe for domestic purposes. Throughout the treatment process, the turbidity of water is measured in various stages to determine water treatment’s efficiency and adhere to governmental rules and regulations.

Suspended particles such as soil, algae, etc. in water can reduce the effectiveness of disinfecting chemicals and become carriers of dangerous parasite and bacteria which can cause many health issues. In worst cases, it leads to water contamination and death.

The suspended particles are indicated by water appearing cloudy and have a high turbidity value. The level of cloudiness can be determined by Turbidity instrument which helps purifying the water and ensure it is safe to use and consume. After all, nobody wants to drink water that is cloudy.

Apart from drinking water plants, the turbidity of the water is measured in various settings, including wineries and the food and beverage industry.

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