6 Problems that can be resolved by Relationship Counselling

by George Brun on Aug 25, 2021 Home and Family 26 Views


Several couples deal with a number of issues before and after marriage. Professional marriage counsellors have been assisting several couples in addressing their pressing issues when the partners are in need of help. Counsellors are quite comfortable in helping couples deal with the problems they encounter, from communication issues to parenting troubles. Here are six common problems that can be tackled with counselling Hills District.

Mental Health Issues:

If one partner is dealing with a mental health problem, it can adversely impact the relationship. Common mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, are dealt by several individuals, and it can take a toll on one’s marriage. Similarly, bipolar disorder is another issue that can interfere with the stability of a relationship. Fortunately, relationship counselling Hills District can help partners to work together in dealing with this problem.


If someone gets divorced, it makes sense that they are nervous about the idea of getting remarried. Statistics reveal that the divorce rates for second marriages are usually higher than that of the first marriages. It only gets worse for couples who have kids, because the situation of blending two families isn't always smooth for everyone. In such circumstances, a marriage counsellor can help couples in overcoming the adversities and blockages relating to remarriage.

Changes in Lifestyle:

Big changes in lifestyle can also impact a healthy relationship. If you are switching careers, moving to a new city, or having a baby, it can affect your relationship in one way or another. After discussing with a relationship counsellor, the expert can analyse and identify the underlying issue. They will recommend measures to smoothen the transition and fix whatever is concerning you both.

Communication Issues:

Proper communication is highly important for a healthy and happy relationship. When marriage couples struggle with communication, things can get pretty intense in the long run. Without open and honest communication, it won't be easy to resolve conflicts and solve problems. Marriage counselling Hills District will allow couples to nurture their communication skills and encourage healthy conversations that pave the way for a happy marriage.


Infidelity is another reason why couples seek counselling. A marriage counsellor can discuss with the partner about the reason for infidelity and work towards addressing the issues associating with it.

Parenting Problems:

Parenting can be a problem for certain couples. When partners don't agree on specific parenting philosophies or discipline techniques, it would end up in conflicts. This is when a qualified counsellor can help you. They will help couples learn parenting skills together, which will eventually benefit their children in a great way.

If you and your spouse are dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, don’t hesitate to sign up for relationship counselling Hills District for assistance.

The author is a qualified marriage counsellor who has helped several couples resolve their relationship issues. In this article, he explains some of the common problems that can be addressed with relationship counselling Hills District. To know more, visit https://georgebruncounselling.com.au/

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