How do you Comfort a Grieving Dog?

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Do dogs grieve? Why not? Like us, dogs do grieve when an owner or fellow member in the family passes away. Usually, dogs show these signs that could be interpreted as grief. 

- Change in sleep patterns 
- Restless 
- Searching 
- Crying 
- Loss of appetite 

If you could see any of these signs in your dog, probably he is stressed by the sudden demise, and you can notice a change in their behavior. While some dogs may become aggressive towards humans and frustrated, others may not seem to be visibly upset by the loss but they could be grieving inside. 

How to help your grieving dog? 

While a pet communicator in Los Angeles could help your dog, there are certain things you can do at your home to deal with their pain. 

Respect your dog’s feelings 

When you are dealing with a grieving dog, you should respect their feelings and try to understand what your pet is trying to communicate. Sometimes they may prefer to stay alone. In such a case, never force your pet. That being said, it is also a good idea to encourage a grieving pet to engage in some of his favorite activities. You can take your dog to a walk around his favorite spot. If your dog usually enjoys time with particular activities or human, invite them over a visit. Food treats can also distract your grieving dog. 

Ignore unwanted behavior 

It can be heart-wrenching to watch your dog standing at the door and crying. But, you shouldn’t approach immediately. Yes, when you console a pet when they are showing unwanted behaviors, you may be reinforcing it unknowingly. Instead, ignore, let them cry and speak with your dog when he is calm or lying on the bed. While it may seem cruel to ignore a pet who is crying, these behaviors are temporary, and it will pass with time unless your dog learns that this is the way to get what he wants. 

Keep your pet busy 

One of the best ways to help your grieving dog is to keep him busy. Never leave them alone, get them a toy that stimulates their mind and hide it purposefully. It can help reduce your dog’s anxiety level when you are away from your home. 

Take your pet to the animal communicator 

The animal communication counseling in Albuquerque helps your dog to express their feelings and understand what has happened to their best friend. In fact, an animal communicator can give the support needed for your pet to go through the grieving process of a loved one. By communicating with your pets, animal communicator in Santa Monica can tell you what your pet is going through, the information they wish to tell you, and solve pet loss grief issues. 

The author is a pet communicator in Los Angeles who can facilitate better communication between you and your pet. Visit for more details.

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