Ways of Identifying Gemstones through Observation

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Each of the gemstones that you come across has its own unique beauty and identity. Gemstone identification requires one to have a keen eye and have basic knowledge about gemstones. Gemstones have a wide range of uses and they are even used in the making of the gemstone sinks. Identifying the gemstone is important since it will help you to avoid the associated financial loss and makes sure that you know the reputation of the stone you are holding. In addition, if you need to assess a particular gemstone and go ahead to identify whether it is the original or it is synthetic. Here are the techniques that you can use to identify a gemstone. 

Transparency of the Gemstone 

Gems can be transparent or opaque. Opaque gems do not allow light to pass through it while transparent gems will allow light to pass through. An object that is viewed through the transparent gemstones appear to be sharper and they are easily visible. Transparency is one of the first things that you can identify since you will only need to spend your time and observe the stone closely. 

Determine the Color 

You can begin examining the color of the gemstone from different angles. As a way of making sure that you have accurately determined the color of the gemstone, you will need to observe it in three different ways. You can begin with the face up whereby the top will be facing you. Use the face down where the bottom of the gemstone will be facing you. The last view is the profile view where you will be viewing the gem from the side. There is a color chart for the colors that are associated with a gemstone and you can use it to identify the color of the gemstone that you are carrying. The color chart will also help you to accurately determine the color of the gemstone that you are holding. 

Cut Style of Stone 

The style of cutting of stone can also be used to identify the stone. Certain stones tend to be cut in a particularly unique style. There are common methods that are used to cut the stone such as cabochon, tumbled, cameo, bead, and faceted. The faceted stones can come in different ways such as round. If you have any shape that is beyond round, then it means that the shape of the stone is ‘fancy-cut’. Fancy cut refers to any stone that is not round. 

Gemstones have a wide range of uses. Gemstone sinks are now a hot trend. Identification of gemstones for someone who is not familiar with them will take some time. So talk with a professional who is an expert in identifying the authenticity of gemstones before you get that premium Amethyst sinks. 

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