8 Places Cockroaches Hide in the Home? Why Do You Need to Find Them?

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Cockroaches prefer to live in large groups. If you spot one crawling across your floor, rest assured that there are several more that have taken shelter in your house. However, it sometimes becomes quite daunting to spot roaches as they're good at staying hidden. They typically get out at night in search of food, water, and shelter.

Armies of such brown and black, six-legged, winged, long-antennae and hardened crawlers love to reside in a moist and humid atmosphere. It includes ceilings, pipes, cardboard and paper, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, trash bins, and other gross areas. Roaches carry several bacterias and leave behind droppings and eggs, which becomes the most common reason for infestation.  Dealing with roaches is challenging. If you spot some signs like eggs, droppings, dead cockroaches, it's necessary to take immediate action like - adopting cockroach treatment in Singapore.

So, what are the most hidden places of cockroaches?

Let's find out!
Common Hidden Places of Cockroaches in the Home

Sinks, Drains, and Pipes
The pipes are installed throughout a home in the dark places, which becomes the most attractive place for cockroaches. Whether pipes are located under the sinks or basements connecting to the bathroom or kitchen, roaches get entered and start living in such dark and humid areas. The drips and leaks produce a more moisturised environment for pests. Hence, it's essential to check your installed drains, pipes and faucets regularly to avoid leakage and drippings. Even a crack and holes in pipes also provide an access point to roaches for invasion.

Inside Vents and Outlets
Cockroaches love to live in hidden places and in search of food and dark places they crawl throughout the home. Thus, vents and outlets also become part of an infestation. Such pests freely roam inside walls and invade different rooms as they feel comfortable. Thereby, it's good to seal gaps, cracks and holes around the edge of vents and outlets. Don't forget to install outlet covers and screens to air vents.

Trash Cans
The availability of trash cans is the main food source. Hence, they love to choose such spots for easy access. Thus, it becomes a home to roaches. Trash can offer several pests desire edible things, humidity, darkness, and less disturbance area as compared to other infestation areas. To get rid of this situation, cover the bins with a tightly sealed lid and throw out the garbage regularly. However, ensure there aren't any spills and leftovers in the trash. Otherwise, it gives reason for attracting pests.

Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks, and Toilets
Drains, pipes and toilets in the bathroom provide cockroaches with a high humidity atmosphere for living. Additionally, such areas also act as subways, which give a quickly hidden accommodation to breathe. Therefore, seal the gaps and cracks around the pipes. Plus, clean toilets, sinks, and bathtubs every week.

Inside and Underneath Furniture
Couches and sofas are comfy. But, some species of roaches like to camp out under a couch bed. What could be worse than if roaches lay their eggs in such areas? Vacuuming regularly your upholstered furnishings and inspecting wooden furniture lessens the risk of infestation and getting sick.

Basement and Attics
Leaving basement or attic areas neglected becomes the reason for infestations. Hence, add the cleaning habits to your list and check your basement and attics. Make sure the vents, weathering and other infrastructure are wrapped properly. There shouldn't be any broken and cracked pieces in the basements. Place tightly sealed plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes for reorganizing your storage.

Closets and Storage Areas
Some people avoid cleaning their closets, including top shelves, back corners, and other storage areas for months. This provides cockroaches with a free line to lay their eggs and left behind droppings. Hence, the best approach is to clean closets, wash dusty clothing and vacuum the exposed surfaces.

Under Baseboards and Molding
Houses and apartments have all sorts of cracks and crevices that create great cockroach hiding spots. The baseboards, corners, behind picture frames, are all living areas of pests. To avoid an infestation in these areas, it eliminates stacks of debris that attract roaches. Hence, make a thorough examination to fill and seal the cracks.

Why It’s Necessary to Find Roaches?
Like any garbage-eating insects, cockroaches carry an increased threat of the transfer of pathogenic microbes. According to WHO, they rank second after flies in terms of the risk of infection like - tuberculosis, salmonellosis, diphtheria, helminthiasis, infectious hepatitis, etc.

Cockroaches are one of the reasons for the development of allergies. Insects spoil and pollute food, and their very rustling and being in an apartment is already the cause of psychological discomfort.

For more than a month, cockroaches can do without food, and without water. The main factor for the comfortable living of insects is the presence of food and heat. In the winter period, it's more expensive to freeze an apartment. Hence, it's necessary to cut off the path of pests to obtaining food. For example, pest control services in Singapore provide conditions that are unacceptable for living and developing roaches. This will protect the apartment from the invasion of pests.

Wrapping Up!
Permanent cleanliness in the apartment won't leave cockroaches a chance for survival. High-quality cleaning will detect the appearance of insects and eliminate their spread to a fine degree. Even the cockroach treatment in Singapore is worth an affordable price. Hence taking measures timely will save you from this misfortune forever.

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