Mold Growth – Common Places You Need To Check

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Black mold can appear in virtually any room of our homes. While most people believe it's hidden in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, any place where stagnant water is found is also a common place for mold growth. Those rooms should be the first place you check, so let's start with the bathroom.


Our bathrooms are ideal breeding grounds for mold growth because they have so many sources of water and are often moist and warm. So, these are some of the places where mold could be found:

-On the walls near the boiler or the water heater

-In the toothbrush holders

-Around the toilet and the bathtub

-On overused towels that are frequently hung damp or wet

-Between the tiles

-On the bathroom mat

If you notice mold in any of these spots, you need to hire professionals for mold removal in Toronto.


Another common room to mold-proof is the kitchen. After all, it meets almost all of the prerequisites for black mold growth. The dishwasher and refrigerator should have their seals checked. The seals will begin to degrade and mold will grow if they are constantly damp. You should also look under the sink in the kitchen cabinets. Mold thrives in moist environments, such as those created by plumbing leaks and dampness. If you suspect mold is growing under your sink, you can hire professionals for mold removal in Toronto.

Basements and Attics

Finally, all types of fungal growth are common in attics and basements. Mold can thrive in settings where there is a lot of dust and there isn't enough air. If you find any mold in your attic, you need professional attic mold removal in Toronto. Make sure your attic and basement don't have any leaking pipes or leaks from the outside.


Your bedroom is the one particular space in which you don't want to find black mold. Imagine inhaling mold spores while sleeping! It's possible that you'll have major coughing fits, or worse! So, where might mold be hiding?

Mold is often found in the beds we sleep on, which is unfortunate. If your mattress is older, it has likely absorbed more than its fair share of sweat throughout the years. When combined with your body heat, it becomes an ideal environment for mold growth.

Home Office or Living Room

Black mold may not appear in the most visible places, such as living rooms and home offices. It does, however, happen. Despite the lack of water, these regions usually contain a lot of books or paper documents, which could easily allow for mold to grow and thrive.

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