Everything You Need to Know About Having a Bad Air Conditioner Condenser

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Let’s admit it; we don’t care much about the condenser unit as they’re out of the room. When was the last time you had the outdoor unit cleaned or maintained? You probably have forgotten the outdoor condenser unit, aren’t you? This is because we feel the effects of cooling units while indoors, it’s easy to forget the condenser unit. However, an AC condenser unit is a vital part of the air conditioning unit as it’s responsible for cooling down and condensing the refrigerant vapour into a liquid state.

While the indoor unit absorbs heat from your home’s air, the outdoor unit is responsible for releasing that heat to the air outside.

What Are The Signs of Having a Bad Condensing Unit?

If the condenser fails, it can lead to various problems, and your air conditioner won’t cool the room enough. It will show some warning signs during the initial stage, which needs professional air conditioning North Shore expert intervention.

• Reduced cooling capacity in the unit significantly

• The indoor unit is leaking a noticeable amount of water than the typical amount of condensation

• Abnormal and loud noises exhibited from the unit

If you notice any of these signs, please contact air conditioning installation North Shore and repair service provider. The professional air conditioning expert will identify the cause and fix it before it turns into major air conditioning repairs North Shore.

When to Replace the AC Condenser?

Completely Damaged Coil

Repairing an extensively damaged coil is of no use as it requires significant time and labour, which could be quite expensive. You get it fixed provided you have a warranty period left. If not, your best bet would be to replace the entire air conditioning unit.


It’s not possible to replace condenser tubes or seals, you’ll have to replace the entire AC condenser if it’s leaking excessively, and replacement is your last resort.


A blockage within the air conditioner indicates a major problem, and the condenser has to be replaced. Depending on the damage caused by the blockage, you might have to replace more than the condenser itself.

When to Repair the AC Condenser?

Dirty Condenser

If the condenser is covered with dirt, debris, and plants, a thorough and deep cleaning will do. Remove anything that’s blocking and interfering with the unit.

Faulty Motor

Due to normal wear and tear, the motor inside the condenser can malfunction. It’s a good idea to repair or replace the damaged, faulty motor. Failing to do so, your cooling unit is likely to experience more damages over time.

Dirty Coil

Cleaning a dirty coil is another simple fix.

Do you suspect that your condenser is damaged or AC unit isn’t working? We can diagnose and fix the problem. For further queries, please contact us.

The author is a professional HVAC technician. Along with a team of professionals, he provides air conditioning North Shore, maintenance, installation, and service. Visit http://epicair.com.au/ for more details.

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