Significance of Sealing and Finishing Concrete

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If you’ve ever worked with concrete, you know that it’s not always the easiest material to work with and that it can be pretty messy as well. Whether you’re doing something small like installing new patio pavers or something large like building a house foundation, sealing and finishing the concrete slabs Sydney will give it an entirely different look and feel and make it much easier to clean up as well.

This article will walk you through why sealing and finishing concrete is so important and why it should be included as part of every concrete project that you undertake in your home or business.

Why is it Important to Seal and Finish the Concrete?

Have you ever walked on a street where they just poured new asphalt? No matter how much they seal coat it, you can still feel each individual rock under your feet. The same thing can happen with fresh concrete—if you don’t seal it right away, water will seep into its surface, creating a rough texture over time.

Sealing your concrete surface is important to protect it from staining, cracking, peeling, water damage, and more. A sealer gives your floor a beautiful glossy shine without changing its colour or composition. It also blocks stains from penetrating deeper into the concrete so that you can enjoy a spotless look for longer. Once sealed, your floor will also be easier to clean. Protecting your concrete is easy with regular cleaning and sealing.

This is why many concrete pumping Sydney contractors recommend that you seal within 72 hours of pouring to ensure that your job is done right.

How to Seal the Concrete?

Before sealing, take note of any joints or seams between sections of concrete; if you have an uneven base, cracks may appear in the later due to weathering. Seal before these issues arise! They say good things come to those who wait, but when it comes to being patient enough for your brand-new concrete driveway or patio to set properly, you may be put through some uncomfortable situations. So, seal as soon as you lay the concrete.

How to Finish the Concrete Surface?

Using a wet look concrete sealer is one way to finish your pavement. Your project will look more professional if you finish it correctly by sweeping off excess mud with a broom before applying your sealer. When purchasing a sealer, select one that includes gloss enhancers for optimal results. Before applying your sealer, wait for at least 12 hours after application to allow it to dry. Most products take 24 hours to completely cure before being exposed to traffic.

One of the most cost-effective ways to protect concrete is to seal it the moment it has been finished curing. Be it concrete sealing, pumping, or concrete scanning in Sydney, we got you covered. Please contact us to learn more about our service.

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