What to Do with Old Furniture When Moving House

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Stress is a mandatory factor that qualifies a move, but the stress level experienced during the moving process can be controlled. Over time, it has been discovered that the moving process is primarily stressful because of the amount of load being transitioned. This is because they have to be loaded into a truck when packing from home and unloaded into a new apartment where it is correctly arranged. This is often enough work to wear an individual out physically.

For this reason, many resolved to sell or donate some properties to reduce the load and stress levels. This is not a bad idea, but some factors play out when selling or donating a load before a move, especially a piece of furniture. The process of moving furniture during a move contributes to the increased levels of stress experienced on moving day.

However, not all furniture can be easily donated or sold to reduce the load and stress levels of the moving day; specific factors are considered, and this article will highlight some of the factors that can determine if the furniture is worth keeping or releasing when preparing for moving day. Read on for more interesting information.

Factors to consider when deciding on whether to keep or discard old furniture

There are specific factors that should be considered to help make the right decision on keeping or releasing furniture when preparing for moving day. These factors are:

  1. Its value: what makes furniture worth keeping when preparing for a move is the level of value associated with it. This determines the worth of the furniture. The value implied here is not monetary value but sentimental value accredited to the furniture. Some furniture happens to be in a family for generations. If the furniture makes moving challenging consider giving it to a relative for safekeeping instead of selling it.
  2. Its durability and functionality: Most donate or sell furniture when preparing for a move because the furniture will not be functional in the new apartment or loss of quality. If the furniture is still in good condition retaining its qualities from the day of acquisition and functions ideally, it is worth keeping, else release it.
  3. Its personality: This pays more attention to attributes. By default, a person’s schedule describes their personality. If releasing furniture would become a problem after the move because your schedule will not permit you to go furniture shopping, then it is best to keep them.
  4. Its style: This considers the chances of varying apartment styles. The apartment where the load has been relocated from and where the load is transported to. The chances of the furniture suiting the new apartment’s style is slim unless it has a similar style to the former. If it does not, release the furniture.
  5. The cost of moving it: Aside from the stress required in moving furniture, the cost can also be discouraging. In cases where the furniture is of great value, durable, and functional but costs above your budget to transport, it is wise to release them by selling it for a better price. But, if it will cost more to replace than moving, then the furniture is worth keeping.


High-stress levels are a constant factor that continuously qualifies a moving experience. However, you can navigate this experience by considering keeping or releasing some of your furniture in preparation for the moving day. This article is here to guide your decision. If you do decide to bring your old furniture with you to your new residence, be sure to choose a removalist you can count on.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Home-and-Family/Home-Improvement/18663-What-to-Do-with-Old-Furniture-When-Moving-House.html


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