Living with Marble Slabs in your kitchen

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One of the challenges we face as a marble slab supplier in Sydney is educating people about how to use marble and clearing up some misconceptions on the material. 

We often get enquires asking whether marble is a suitable countertop due to its ability to stain. Staining is not so much an issue today like it was 14 years ago, as there are methods of stain prevention such as sealers and effective methods for stain removal like poultice creams. 

People ask us then, how to prevent etching, and to be perfectly honest there is no perfect solution. There is no way to prevent etching your stone without a chemical barrier which can change the look of the stone. 

It’s probably important to note what etching is and why it’s not preventable on marble countertops. 

Marble is comprised of calcium carbonate meaning that acid from foods can react with the stone. This is done on a very tiny scale that just affects the finish, hence why it’s able to be seen. It’s important to note that this does not create a valley or depression in the stone, it only lightens the appearance of the stone as it dulls the finish. 

Not to worry, however, there are ways to lessen its effect. Having a honed benchtop greatly reduces the visibility of etching in marble. This is because of the matte finish a honed surface has. It’s created by either machine processing of by an acid bath. Both create the same surface which camouflages etch marks in the stone. 

In the right light and angle, however etch marks are still visible and honing your bench top only hides them, it doesn’t get rid of them. Frankly, it all comes down to whether you can live with them or not. Using any natural material, it is expected to get wear and tear as time goes on. Like a wooden dining or coffee table, this adds significant character to the piece. 

Marble slabs show the memories that have been lived around it. These etches are usually made when preparing meals, mixing cocktails, and pouring wine. As a marble supplier in Sydney we often have clients who come in with old pieces of Carrara marble trying to match the beautiful patina of an older marble to the look of a newly quarried stone. 

This, however, does not appeal to everyone, and if you dislike the aging process of marble a better option may be a granite or quartzite. The truth is etching does become part of the stone, and the stone becomes part of your home. This is the beauty of marble and why it’s never been out of fashion in over 2000 years. 

Avant Stone has a centrally located stone gallery housing a wide range of granite, quartzite and marble slabs in Sydney. We encourage you to come view our range and speak to our friendly staff. 

The author is an experienced marble slab supplier in Sydney who has written many articles on marble, Quartzite & granite slabs. To find out more about natural stone slabs, visit

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