Common Causes of Burst Pipes

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A burst pipe can be a nightmare for any homeowner, and without warning it can lead to water damage. However, there are several common causes of burst pipes, which means that you can take proactive steps to avoid the potential problem altogether. Here are five of the most common causes of burst pipes and how you can protect yourself from them.

Freezing Pipes

When your home’s pipes freeze, they can burst and create a big mess. Freezing is most common in unheated areas, such as garages or crawl spaces. If you live in an area that regularly experiences freezing temperatures, make sure to insulate exposed pipes and replace any outdoor hoses with winter-proof types.

High Water Pressure

If it’s too high, it can cause the pipes to burst. If your house’s pressure is higher than 120 psi, you should contact plumbing services Sydney to reduce it. One hundred and twenty psi, or pounds per square inch, is considered normal for residential homes. If yours is higher than that, however, you could end up with some serious problems when your pipes rupture under too much pressure.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is a plumbing Sydney problem that can cause serious damage to your home’s piping. It’s a sudden, sharp banging noise that you hear after turning off a faucet. The noise happens when there’s not enough water in your pipes for everything to move smoothly and there isn’t enough room for everything to go back into place as quickly as it should. Water hammer can be caused by loose valves or improperly installed pipes.

Frozen Groundwater

Winter is right around the corner, so now’s a good time to check your home for potential hazards that can cause your pipes to burst. Frozen groundwater is one major cause of burst pipes in many homes, and can happen when temperatures drop below freezing and water in your plumbing system freezes. If you notice any moisture or icicles around your house, call in a professional plumbing Sydney company before it turns into a major problem.

Overfilling Your Hot Water Tank

Filling your hot water tank with too much water can cause it to overflow and release all that extra volume into your walls, floors and fixtures. This is an extremely common problem for those living in apartment buildings. If you’re thinking about buying a new place, make sure you ask if others have experienced burst pipes in recent months or years. If there have been burst pipes, it may be wise to look elsewhere.

If a pipe does burst in your house, please call a local plumber right away to minimise the damage. Turn off your home’s water supply and turn off electrical appliances near the leak and wait for the plumber.

The author is a skilled plumber offering high quality plumbing Sydney solutions for over 20 years to both residential and commercial property owners. Visit for more details.

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