Types of Travertine Tiles

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There are four types you can find at the market these days. They are:


Tumbled Travertine

Polished Travertine

Honed Travertine

Brushed Travertine


Tumbled Travertine


Tumbled travertine tiles have slightly rounded edges due to the “tumbling” process, in which the stones are processed in a tumbling machine together.

The surface is normally matte, with an antique look that has visible textures. Tumbled travertine floor tile is popular for outdoor areas, such as a patio, garden paths, and pool edge.


Polished Travertine


Polished travertine goes through polishing steps, filling, and sealing, which looks in a shiny and sleek. Unlike regular travertine tiles, the polished ones are more water-resistant. However, they become slippery when wet.


Honed Travertine


Many people like honed travertine because it combines the best from tumbled and polished types. It has a matte surface and not slippery, but still look polished enough.


Brushed Travertine


Brushed travertine got its name from a wire brushing method that creates a matte finish. It can have a regular square form or tumbled.

Each of these tile types creates a unique look, but their characteristics make them suitable for specific areas. For instance, the slippery polished type is perfect as a travertine tile backsplash, but not for outdoor use.

Both honed and brushed are perfect for the interior floor, including the bathroom.


Tips to Maintain Travertine Tiles


Combine different tiles that have similar shades


Limited shades need you to get creative when installing travertine tiles. You can achieve different effects by combining different tile sizes.

For example, if you want to build a minimalistic travertine tile shower, use smaller tiles for the floor (for extra traction) and bigger tiles for the walls.


Seal your tiles properly


If you install travertine tiles yourself, make sure to seal the surface properly. The porous surface requires a good sealant to prevent damages.


Keep acidic substance from the tiles


If you use travertine tiles as backsplash or kitchen floor, be careful of any acidic substances or spills. Things like wine, orange or lemon juice, and vinegar can leave a permanent stain on the surface. Don’t choose cleaning products that have an acidic nature.


Finally, just avoid using these tiles if you have many little kids, cats, or dogs in the house. Travertine is beautiful, but it is not the right tile for a house with high stain risk. Travertine tiles are beautiful in exact and earthy ways and perfect to give classic elements even in a modern house.


Travertine is also environmentally friendly and has a unique porous texture, which makes it less slippery and able to handle temperature fluctuations.



Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Home-and-Family/Home-Improvement/7538-Types-of-Travertine-Tiles.html


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