What do you do if your pet has an emergency?

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Accidents can happen with anyone, even with our furry friends. When some thing of such nature happens with our pets, panic is our first reaction, regardless what time of the day it is, day or night. Thus, as a pet parent, you must establish a rationally though emergency plan for such situations and act accordingly if need be.

You can consult your veterinary doctor for a protocol to be followed in emergency. Take note of the timings of the vet and which hospitals around you are open round the clock. You can also talk to a few doctors who can visit your home on call. You can keep these important numbers saved in your phone and in a handy phonebook for double surety.

What signs to look for to consider it an emergency

There can be several reasons leading to an emergency situation for your pet. A trauma caused by any scuffle or accident, insect bite, poisoning, choking, heatstroke, or any other situation. Look for the following signs in your dogs that may hint towards an emergency situation:

  • Paler gums
  • Rapid sounds of breathing
  • Rapid or weak pulse
  • Changes in the body temperature
  • Difficulty in standing
  • Apparent complete or partial paralysis
  • Unconsciousness, seizures
  • Excessive bleeding that does not stop

What to do in emergency

An injured animal may show aggression even towards their pet parents. Thus, to begin with, the pet parent must ensure his or her own protection before tackling the pet.


Slowly approach your dog and call his name gently. If the dog is aggressive, you will need more help. If the dog is not aggressive, begin the process to place him gently on a stretcher (a make-shift will do too) by supporting the back and the neck.


In case of cats, you can cover its face in a gentle manner. It is the first step to avoid bite. Then, lift it slowly and place in carrying box by supporting the neck and back.

When you think the pet is safe to be transported, drive them to the nearest emergency clinic or hospital. It is also a good idea to let the facility know about your arrival. You may ask a family or a friend to do that for you.

What First-Aid can be Done at Home

With the help of certain first-aid treatment, you can better support your pet till the time a doctor can see them.

  • In case of external bleeding because of trauma, you can elevate that body part and apply pressure on the wound.
  • In case of choking, try to see if you can remove the foreign particle from the mouth or throat. If not, perform Heimlich (modified) maneuver. A sharp rap on the chest should be enough to dislodge the foreign object.
  • In case of poisoning, quickly call up at the clinic to talk to a doctor. They will ask for the age, weight, amount of poisonous substance consumed, etc. Basis this information they can recommend if inducing vomit will be helpful.

How to do CPR on pets?

CPR becomes necessary to help your pet regain consciousness after dislodging and removing the foreign body from the mouth.

  • Check if the pet is breathing
  • If not breathing, place the pet on its side to do artificial respiration. It is done by extending the neck and the head, closing the jaws, and then blowing air in the nostrils every 3 seconds.
  • Make sure that the air does not escape from your mouth or from the nose of your pet
  • In the absence of a heartbeat, you can do a cardiac massage plus the artificial respiration. For every respiration, you can do three chest compressions that are firm and quick. Keep performing this till your dog starts to breathe.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Home-and-Family/Pets/9237-What-do-you-do-if-your-pet-has-an-emergency.html


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