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Setting up an internet connection itself is a big task. It involves the survey of the entire internet provider that is available in your area then choosing devices options for internet connection and so long other stuff. After setting up the connection some work fluently, some needs upgrade time to time, some creates connectivity issue and some are not justified with the price that is being paid for the installed package. These are some common cases faced by all the internet users after setting up the internet connection. Well one can never be satisfied with the connection they have as by the time new plans pop up on the notification and at the end of the day who doesn’t want to avail the best services at the cheap rate.

Although if someone is setting up an internet connection can easily find multiple option in their area that provides quite a range of good packages and some money saving bundle offer as well. Provider offering low standard of speed is the one reason for poor connectivity but in real there could be several reasons for poor connection that never taken in notice. We think that buying a modem will fix the problem of our connectivity issue. But after changing the device we finally decide in our mind that there is no permanent solution for the connectivity issue.

Even after changing the device or in some cases the provider itself. It seems impossible to setup a fast speed connection at home. Changing an ISP is not a small setup and may cost more money so it is a bit expensive procedure. So the one whose mostly work relies on the internet feel helpless or frustrated in such situation. But what if one figure out that there could be any other reason just blaming everything on the service provider or the connection device the purpose of this whole discussion here is to highlight what are the possible factors that are responsible for affecting the internet speed.

So here are some factors that could be fix to resolve internet speed issue:

Connection medium:

Internet connection first main factor can be the connection device for connectivity. The cable and fiber optics option are always best for connectivity as compared to DSL. Professional provider like Spectrum has a proper fiber optic infrastructure that brings high speed internet connection. Customer can enjoy unlimited download option with such professional services.


We all focuses on internet device if there is any connectivity issue we faces but no one bother to focus on system we work on. Sometimes the systems we are using like laptop mobile or computer have the old slow processor that leads the system to process the internet connectivity slow down the whole process. People should know about this basic fact that by the time upgrade is required in the system and is you is still stick to the old system or device then definitely it will no longer support a satisfactory connection to internet. So next time if your internet connection is always down then do check your device processors first.


Well like we have discussed about the system and device issue that could lead up to slow internet connection similarly if your router device is not good then don’t even expect your connectivity level to be good. Router issue can be of two type’s quality and due to time. If your router is old like you have been using it for years then there is high chances that it can cause issues. It would be better if you change your device after every 5 year then it comes to the quality. Well obviously if you have purchased a low quality router as it is a customer choice to purchase router from where they find it convenient so it can lead to the cheap connectivity issue soon just like the price. So if you make the router choice right then it will let your browse peacefully.


Hmm well another point that should be kept in mind after selecting the right router is the placement of router device. Most of the time customer faces the slow internet issue due to the wrong placement of router device. Router must be place in such a position so that it can provide equivalent connectivity within the target area. Ideal place for the router to be place is the central area so that it can cover the all side.


Processor efficiency depends on the system you are using. Mac is always faster than PC. Having a better system option doe’s make the connectivity and the level of speed can be easily seen get better.


It’s a obvious thing that should be understood by everyone that the range of connectivity comes in limit so if your internet is accessed by multiple people it can cause a direct affect on its speed, let me quote a simple example for it suppose you have jug full of water that can fill 5 glass but if you tries to pour into 10 glass of water, none of the glass can fulfill the need of anyone because it doesn’t contain the sufficient water. Similarly in internet the package you take can become efficient if it is used by minimum people. It never means that max amount of people can’t use internet properly but it does mean that the slow speed can be the cause of slow browsing.

By this discussion a lot of things are cleared in mind. We get to know about that it is not necessary breakdown or slower internet connection can only be caused by internet device like router etc instead there can be other reason too. All of the other factors we mentioned in here are very basic and usually we don’t prefer to go through them but we should consider or once check them before changing the router. So now you know how to fix your internet issues in multiple ways. So next time you face it go through this list who knows it could be beneficial.

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Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Internet-and-Businesses-Online/5547-FACTORS-THAT-AFFECT-INTERNET-SPEED-BY-SPECTRUM.html


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