How You Can Benefit from Wi-Fi at Your Next Tradeshow

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Humans these days are smartphone carrying creatures, using their mobile device to record fun events, communicate with their peers, share information and look up any question that might cross their mind. While it’s possible to tap into the data allocated in a cell phone plan to do everything, it’s much better if there’s wi-fi. Especially at events such as trade shows, offering free wi-fi to attendees is a huge perk.


Offering wi-fi to guests will inspire much more smartphone activity which will help share news of your trade show far and wide in real time. People aren’t as apt to share their experience if it will drain their data to do so. Free wi-fi gives free rein for people to have fun, be social and use their devices without limitation.


But what about you, the organizer? How does offering wi-fi actually benefit your trade show and your bottom line? There are several significant factors:


1.Enhanced Branding

Offering wi-fi at your event allows you to customize the splash page people arrive at when connecting. You can add your preferred branding, letting people know who is sponsoring the event. The splash page also gives an opportunity to capture user info, such as their email address. Then you can add them to an email newsletter list. Event wi-fi is a great marketing tool, offering something people need at the moment in exchange for information the provider finds valuable. You can even advertise special offers, throw in small games, or display a welcome message on the splash page. People, focused on connecting to wi-fi, will take in your branding and remember it.


2.People Will Spend More Time

People will spend more time at your trade show if you offer wi-fi. Chances are they need to find an internet hotspot to upload photos and videos to their social media accounts, take a Skype call with their families or any number of data-intensive acts. They will leave your trade show to do these things if wi-fi isn’t available on the premises. By offering wi-fi you allow your guests to stay in one place to do all they need to do. If a guest is facetiming friends or family then your trade show will be in the background, prompting questions about what’s going on. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a conversation around your trade show, show off its cool elements and describe what interesting things the guest has seen so far.


Smartphone use also slows people down when making their rounds at your show. Instead of casually zipping through, they’re more likely to take photos, send emails, play videos and live stream. This forces them to slow down and really take in what’s going on around them. Vendors can then engage them and show off whatever they’re displaying.


3.Decision-Making Factor

If given the choice to attend a trade show, coffee shop or store with or without wi-fi, most people will go for wi-fi. It’s a decision making factor for many people when determining whether to go to Starbucks or a no-name cafe for their morning brew. One of the reasons Starbucks has become so ubiquitous was because of their generous wi-fi policy. In a time when many cafes were charging for its use, Starbucks went the progressive route and offered it as an incentive for simply setting foot inside and purchasing a drink.


Good wi-fi is memorable. Wi-fi that is strong connects easily and never dips out will resonate in people’s minds for next year. Chances are people know the best spots for wi-fi in their area. That’s because wi-fi is not only a thing of value in 2018, it’s a necessity.


4.Higher Earnings

It’s been proven that people spend more when they’re provided with free wi-fi. Half of the small businesses surveyed reported customers spent more money when provided with wi-fi. Being able to go on the internet also allows people to research what they’re browsing, read reviews and make the decision to purchase instantaneously, rather than having to go home and think about it for a while. Wi-fi helps capture the buying impulse at the moment. Afterwards, it might be too late.


5.Be A Good Host

One of the best reasons to offer wi-fi is because you’re helping give guests the best time possible. It’s the goal of every event planner to be a good host, and neglecting wi-fi is a major hole in hospitality. People will appreciate wi-fi and tell others at the show to connect as well. It’s a great offering that both vendors and guests will benefit from, and shows you care that people are enjoying your trade show.


Offering wi-fi at your next trade show will boost the mood of all your guests and help make the whole event a memorable one. People want, need and expect wi-fi wherever they go, so if they have to spend several hours at an event with no wi-fi they’re going to feel disconnected from the world or begrudged to use their data. Wi-fi is a solid investment when you consider the marketing potential it brings, and the sales boost it will give your vendors. All around it’s a win that will take your trade show from meh to amazing.



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