4 Key SEO Trends for 2022

by Rosario Berry on Jan 15, 2022 SEO 67 Views

2021 was a year with many major updates in the digital marketing sector. Google released two major algorithm updates. With the evolution of user behavior, Google and other search engines are adapting and evolving to improve the quality of their search results.


Investing in SEO in 2022 is much more than a necessity. It has become a priority. So, what will become more important in SEO in 2022? What trends are you more likely to see and experience in the New Year?


i. MUM will Help Improve Your Search Rankings


Google has laid a lot of emphasis on the use of advanced AI for improving search results quality. RankBrain and BERT were the initial algorithms in this area. Multitask United Model (MUM) is the latest approach in this area.


Some of the key features of MUM, which were announced at the Google I/O 2021, are as follows:


MUM is Google’s new Natural Language Processing Model

It is around a thousand times more powerful than BERT

Its multitasking features allow analyses of images, videos, and text in 75 languages and present answers to complex search queries

MUM combines various aspects of a search query and focuses on understanding context, sentiments, user intent, and entities


The technology helps deliver answers closest to user expectations. MUM can develop an in-depth understanding of the word and understand, generate, and train across dozens of languages simultaneously. Google’s traditional models used to work with a single language at a time.


ii. Greater Emphasis on User & Search Intent


In 2022, search intent and user behavior will get priority over everything else. People access Google and other search engines to get answers for their queries or to learn about a subject.


SEOs and businesses should pay more attention to search intent in 2022. When your business understands what your target audience is searching for and delivers the content that answers their queries, it is a win-win scenario for everyone.


Closely following search queries will help develop competitive content

Provide the right information to your audience

Google will rank content that follows the E.A.T. guidelines

The emphasis will be on catering to audience requirements and not just on promoting products or brands

Consider the preferred type of content, such as articles, images, videos, and podcasts, and deliver on them

Analyze the on-website journey and search data relevant to your organic leads

It has become important to help search engines understand not just the search terms used to find your pages, but also the on-website search keywords.


iii. Videos Have Become Increasingly Important


Video has become the most consumed form of content. Its importance has grown significantly in SEO.


Start creating video content

Optimize your videos with the proper name and description

Optimize the video content with the right keywords


iv. Leverage Featured Snippets


Google has also made small recent updates, with the Passage Ranking Update being a notable one. It is closely linked with Google BERT, a deep learning algorithm that assists the search giant in processing words more effectively compared to the context of other surrounding words.


The Passage Ranking Update allows Google to go beyond the web pages for its indexing process. It can now also index individual passages from a specific webpage and these results are known as featured snippets.


This can especially be useful when you want to rank for highly specific search queries and voice search results. Some of the steps that can be taken to achieve the desired results are as follows:


Use long-tail key phrases in your content

Study your target audience to determine the content most relevant to them

Create high-quality content. Develop content around your audience and not search engine crawlers.


So, these are expected to be the SEO factors to be in trend in 2022. It is recommended to focus on them and build your new SEO strategy around these developments.


About the Author:


Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Website Design and Development Company in Oceanside, CA. A website design firm providing Search Engine Optimization services in Oceanside, CA. Modern search engines use complex algorithms to rank the pages they show to you in terms of relevance, popularity and connections from other trustworthy sites.

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