Tips To Optimize Voice Search for Search Engines

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According to a recent statistics, “by 2020, 50% of all the searches are by voice queries only.” 

It has proved that voice search has reached a mile stone to speak with an assistant rather than to typing and the answers for voice searches are also faster than typing. 

Voice labs has been tracked that the total of 33 million voice-search devices are in circulation. 

Most Popular Voice Search Tools for SEO experts in Sydney are: 

- Smartphone (56%) 

- Desktop/Laptop (28%) 

- Tablet (26%) 

- Smart Speaker (18%) 

Mobile Site is a Compulsory Requirement for Searching: 

Today people are using mobile devices to search anything in website and it has become a trend too. A study says that about 56% of searchers are finding information about a local business by voice search. It shows that frequent users got increased by mobile sites and if the page is not loaded quickly they may discard their searching, so your site’s ranking will also be instantly decreased. Mobile friendly pages for ad words agency in Sydney are to be developed more with certain algorithms to improve the voice search experience for the users. 

SEO Keyword Stuffing is Not Needed Further: 

The strategy of stuffing keywords was not necessary today, as it works more in the past by means of query searching and voice search becomes like talking /asking about the necessity you need. More over SEO experts in Sydney don’t have to use stuffed keywords in the web page that won’t provide any value information to the user. 

Keyword stuffing makes the words spammy and every sentence with a short tail keyword reduces the user experience to react with a low star rating. It does not make the web page in a friendly manner, so they were opting for voice searching with immediate results avoiding irrelevant keywords. 

Quick Strategy to Increase High Rankings for Voice Search: 

There are two characteristics in voice search to rank high on search engine: 

Conversation style is more effective: 

To make more physical efforts on typing with your search page, usual way of talking style can give better results in voice searching with virtual assistants. 

Stay with Immediate Results: 

By providing current results quickly, they are acting like answer engines instead of search. 58% customers underlies with voice search to find and locate their own business. ‘Near me’ content provides immediate voice results like gas stations, restaurants near you. So that positive results can be got through with these types of voice searches. 

Here are some ideas for voice search general content: 

- Provide more Question & answer pages in your site 

- Make the conversation like an usual talk 

- Target long tail words 

- Usage of H1 tags along with the keyword are important 

- Write local content if you need local customers for your nearby business 

- Concentrate on specific topics 

- Keep in mind about the questions asked by the customer to give relevant answers 

- Answers should be in the top of the page and in the form of one-liners 

- Voice search should be locally focused 

The author of this article has more years of experience in the field of search engine optimization and he also gives tips for SEO Company in Sydney. In this article, he explains how the voice search is helpful in local business ranking. Please visit for more details.

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