5 Use keywords to become a winner in the market

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Become a market winner with keywords


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What is a keyword? ! How to pick out the keywords I want

Each keyword search represents a different need:

How to find a keyword planning tool? ! Easy 3 steps to starting your own keyword planning

Google Adwords keyword ad action with user search:

The secret of the operation between the keyword and the search engine:

Every search is a potential business opportunity!

What is a keyword? ! How to pick out the keywords I want

The word "keyword" is no stranger to everyone. Most of you may have heard it when you are looking for a search engine marketing company or a digital advertising company. The most basic way to define keywords is to use the vocabulary of the user to search for Query and define it as the Keywords keyword:


Keywords and Query


Keyword Keywords: A series of vocabulary searched by users, which is summarized into the largest collection concept. For example, users may search for "What is a keyword?" "How to plan keywords", but we can always summarize the words that these users search for ( Search Term) becomes the largest collection concept, and this vocabulary usually represents the keyword that users use most often. Search Query: This is the vocabulary that the user really searches for. This may represent multiple search intents ( Search Intend ). After understanding these two basic definitions, we can begin to use the keywords to analyze the target group and the customer as a whole, which will bring the following benefits: Top SEO expert in bd


Exploring the market: Keyword planning for products and keyword search for brands are important data that can help us interpret market trends and trends.

Mining business opportunities: The world of the Internet is very big. If you can understand what users are looking for and what they are searching for, how many keyword searches? We can design and produce products that meet their needs in the shortest possible time.

Create traffic: Whether it's keyword digital advertising or SEO search optimization, it can bring a stable customer base to the official website, thereby increasing the exposure of your brand to these real needs customers.


Each keyword search represents a different need:

According to Google statistics, the number of searches sent to the Google search engine is hundreds of millions of times per day. The vocabulary used is even more numerous, and each search term has its own motive behind it, just like looking for it. The "price" is different from the information that people who are looking for "evaluation" want to know. Basically, keywords can be divided into:


Keywords of the Transactional: that is, trading category keywords, users may search for " buy ", " subscribe " This clearly looking for something Keywords

Informational Keywords:  Information type keywords that account for 80% of Google searches.

Navigational Keywords: Generally, the brand name or company name is the main one.

Therefore, when we are planning for keywords, we can use these three categories as our evaluation criteria to start our own keyword planning.


How to find a keyword planning tool? ! Easy 3 steps to starting your own keyword planning

The most basic keyword planning tools are very diverse in the market. The most common is Google Adwords' own keyword planning tool. You can enter keywords or upload CSV and TSV files to get your own search traffic changes.


Google Adwords keyword planning tool

Of course, in addition to the tools of Google Adwords itself, you can also refer to Long Tail Pro or the free Keywordtool.io.  Just set to become Taiwan, choose Chinese, you can easily find the keywords you want.

Keyword tool keyword planning tool

Google Adwords keyword ad action with user search:

Google Adwords is an ad content that allows you to set up your search engine. You have already learned how to find your own market and product keywords. Now you can enter your keyword ad account and choose Pipeline and mode of delivery, and enter your target keywords (** detailed settings and optimization, we discuss in other chapters)


a. Keyword search ad Search Network


b. Network Advertising Display Network


c. Shopping Advertising Shopping Ads


d. video advertising video


e. APP Advertising Universal App


 Google Adwords type


The secret of the operation between the keyword and the search engine:

In addition to matching keywords, another way to do this is to expose your page for free through SEO keyword search optimization. This part also needs to rely on your keyword research and planning for the user, and write good content, and through the external media submission, to establish weights and settings for the page.


Get good rankings through a keyword planning


Every search is a potential business opportunity!

The search requirements generated by users represent potential "orders". Search engine marketing is like a counter of a department store. It helps every friend who comes to the department store to shop on the weekend afternoon to solve problems and lead them to the store and counter...


But the people who come to the department store to shop are all kinds of people, speak different languages ​​and use different words, so the hard counter staff must understand each person's problems one by one and help them solve them.


Simply put, doing keyword planning and research can help you:


Know your customer base and let you clear the needs of your customers.

Help you find the customer base and tell you that the next order may be there. 


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