The Best Restaurant Websites in California

by Rosario Berry on Sep 9, 2021 Web Design 144 Views

We would all agree with Apicius that the first bite is with the eyes! Most times, successful restaurants are those who can establish a robust first impression with their websites embodying vibrant designs and seamless functionalities. Just like aesthetically pleasing food appearance can leave us craving for more, an impeccably designed website might be all the restaurant needs to drive in several hungry visitors.


With that said this article features a list of the best restaurant websites in California, considering a set of criteria: easy ordering, navigation, access to the menu, contact details, as well as pickup and delivery options. And with no further ado, let’s delve right into it.




With over 33 years in the industry, Lesley Cohn and David Cohn are some of the heavyweights taking California dining to an entirely different level. The business, Cohnrestaurants prides itself as family-owned and each of its openings shares a similar philosophy – comfort, and premier dining experience. Of course, this notion translates into its website design. The website is devoid of unnecessary details. Right at the homepage, you can access every features and option it offers without having to click on any button. Navigation is pretty straightforward. Besides it’s easy to access to the menu, you can make reservations for several Cohn restaurant branches, with visible mobile numbers and addresses. However, pickup/delivery options are absent.


Local Tap House


The foundational philosophy of Localtaphouse is establishing a restaurant that offers a fine blend of local products, foods, and comfort while offering these in a welcoming, rustic and casual environment. With just a glance through the website design, you'd agree that it is bringing the website experience online. You can easily access the menus offered with a single click. Relative to Cohnresturantsm the navigation is a little bit more complex. Nonetheless, it is still pretty straightforward. Unlike the first restaurant highlighted, you can place orders online right from the home page with delivery options as you deem fit. Also on the homepage, contact details are explicitly indicated alongside phone numbers and opening hours.


Swamis Cafe


Here is another family-owned restaurant, and it is arguably the most clouted restaurant in California. Just like other options, the UI design is fantastic. Although it has an option to order online with delivery or pickups, accessing the menus is somewhat not straightforward. Overall, the navigation is excellent as most options you require are available on the home page. If you need more information about their services, phone numbers are clearly stated alongside a physical address you can visit.


Trust Resturants


Owned by Brad Wise, a multiple award-winning chef, this restaurant has gone on to become one of the best you'd ever visit in California. Not only are their services unparalleled, but also, the website design is almost unequalled – it is concise and straight to the point. Whether you are looking to have dinner, brunch, wine, or cocktails, these options are clearly indicated on the user-friendly website. Navigation is straightforward, and do is the access to the menus offered by the restaurant. However, even with all its fantastic functionalities, there is no option for pickup and delivery. You can only make reservations for its physical locations, whose contact addresses and phone numbers are indicated on the landing page.


Herband Wood


Touted as California's contemporary interpretation of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, you'd observe this philosophy on its website design. The website is so elegant and cleans it will leave you imagining a boisterous feel filled with decadent meals. Browsing through the menus offered is one of the most accessible means of transporting yourself to the doors of HerbandWood. There are no options for pickups and delivery, but as a guest, you can easily navigate and book reservations directly from the website. Contact address and phone numbers are explicitly indicated with a vast range of features that will facilitate a more memorable user experience.




With the renowned Chef Brian Wubbena at the core of its activities, you can expect nothing less than the best service from Trulucks. Just as the physical location is, the vibrant and colorful branding translates its influence online. From the website, you could feel the cool and friendly atmosphere it intends to paint. The navigation is seamless with impeccable access to its one-of-a-kind menu arsenal. However, pickups and delivery options are not available, you can only make reservations online. For further information about its service, the address as well as a functional phone number are available for you to make your complaints.


Crack Shack


Owned by Michael Rosen, Crackshack primarily focuses on crafting chicken and eggs in a way that you can savor every bite of a locally raised chicken. The landing page, explicitly painted this seemingly unusual philosophy and translated it across every page on the website. Essentially, the website is clean and modest, with full-bleed images screaming its philosophical background. Its “order now" option takes visitors to its ordering store, where they can buy a range of menus for delivery and pickup, directly via the website. Similar to other options, its navigation is okay, also featuring functional phone and contact details.


Juniper and ivy


Also owned by Michael Rosen this restaurant's philosophy revolves around constant changes to highlight the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. We could see this indication in its decadently designed uniform and functional website. The feeling you get from its design maintains a significant extent of consistency with the physical location.


The imageries are great as well as the menus which you can access on the website. You can neither pickup nor get deliveries as the website only has an option for reservations.


Final Thoughts


As you browse through these websites, you may notice a similar trend in their layouts and user interface. Well, creating the perfect website can sometimes be an arduous task. As such, what really matters is that every one of these brands stayed true to their philosophies, emphasizing the uniqueness of their offerings and foundational philosophies. When this is considered alongside a fully functional website, it is positioned to attract more hungry clients to the business.


Mystic Web Designn builds websites for food industry and restaurants keeping user experience and local SEO in mind.


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